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Ah the trendy cardiac coherence technique! More and more ink is used to boast its benefits and equally comment on its controversies. Scientific facts or snake oil? Yours truly didn’t only use this exciting buzz to jump on the bandwagon, but to lead the convoy. Meet « Cardiac Coherence In C Minor » by Nekokawa Hypnosis.

How to use it? After the bell has done its cute 5-seconds countdown, you start to breathe-in with ascending notes, and breathe-out following descending ones. All that during 5 minutes, and then you feel good. Why? Because.

Now however cool that sounds and feels, if you have a history of cardiovascular troubles, you’d better pay a visit to your cardiologist, ask him if it’s OK for you to enjoy Meet « Cardiac Coherence In C Minor » by Nekokawa Hypnosis. And if he doesn’t get it, send him to where to get his own copy of it:


More about Nekokawa Hypnosis:

And Nekokawa Massage:

Dear all’n’all

with the utmost logic, the massage music from Nekokawa Massage led to explore deeper in the altered states of mind and there we go, Nekokawa Hypnosis was born.

You’re into self-hypnosis? Don’t search any further, Nekokawa Hypnosis offers you two audio that do wonders for the saturation of your auditory senses during Betty Erickson-like inductions. More explaination on the site, this goes without saying!

Oh you’re not into hypnosis? You might want something different, like a new song? Got one for you. It’s fresh and live, played at the Super Direct radio show last January. It’s here:

Yeah, there’s limoncello and some after dark lullabies around. Just in case…