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The party’s over, the bar has been shattered by a whisky-induced craze, yet the piano still makes the morning sound like there’s a hope. The sunset and the sunrise are always so similar in that new and unknown zone of your life. The last drunken lady stares at the counter with a look of disbelief. The piano still plays for her. And for you too, if you’re smart enough to grab the right notes when you shyly pass the corridor.

Spotted : Gilles Snowcat

Spotted: Gilles Snowcat

Hunting for lost inspiration, escaping the blank page or simply lost his way after a drunken eve? Careful, Mr Cat, your first new song in none less than two years and a half may already be intoxicated by the perfumes of your lately out-of-control episodes. A gentle face can’t cover the hidden knife forever.

XOXO Gossip Girl

ps: the new piece is ready to emerge, yet you might not be ready to enjoy it yet. You will be soon.

pps: it’s simply called 「知らない地域