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In a few musical events where I’m sometimes testing a live version of a few of my new love songs after dark, I had the pleasure to meet Juliett Novak, who was performing for a very similar reason.

In a world where humility is overrated, overused and as fake as it can be, musicians tend to become over cautious and afraid of any hint of ambition. Therefore it’s quite refreshing to discover someone like Juliett Novak, actually a Slovakian singer-songwriter now based in Belgium. Juliett makes no excuse for being there and her mindset is rather uplifting for whoever listens to her music.

From top-notch production to soulful songwriting, the songs she provides are showing her strong, ambitious and shining nature with no apologies.

Her single “Work It Out” is available via her website. It’s a captivating piece, haunting with a melodic hook that stays in your head. The site allows you to listen to other of her pieces, and although an album would be a better way to get into her universe, they’re all worth your time.

Juliett’s site:

An article about Juliett:


Whatever the Devils wears (or doesn’t), love songs always taste better after dark.

A glass of that perfect liquor, some stars shining from the window and a fluffy bed, it all starts with a kiss… or with a song.

The Devil Wears Pajamas

The volume 1 sets the mood. And almost as secretly as a love affair, it is offered to you as a special present, this until 9th of May, 2014. The Devil offers the first dose, as always. Addiction comes later. Cure never shows.

You now only need to download the file here, including the 3 infectious songs and the artwork. We can’t provide the liquor –Snowcat drank it all.