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Live 25/10/2013

Posted: October 18, 2013 in News, On stage
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When? Friday 25/10/2013, exact time unknown (the whole show starts at 7:30pm)

Where? Aloft Hotel Brussels Schuman, Place Jean Rey, 1040 Bruxelles

What? Gilles Snowcat will perform 2 fluffy songs, then later be backing singer Marie de Condé on piano for two other pieces.

… Julie “Cunégonde” Absil, Paul G., Gilles Snowcat, Amy Kay and Jenny Quinn set fire in Woluwé’s venue, Le Gué, formerly known as La Ferme V -yep, that very one that welcomed an early show of Genesis back in the 70’s. And exactly 15 years before the 19/09/2013 show in Forest.

19 09 1998




Le Brass

19/09/2013, 20:00. Info here.

Cinnamon Lilly confirmed!

Fluffy 14/09/2013


An event to come...

Happily back to the radio show “Comme sur des roulettes“, good ol’ Snowcat delivered a short yet intense acoustic show, followed by an interview, which turned into an interesting conversation, spiced by unexpected fights on air. Unique.

Please find the setlist of the live set below. More ground breaking pictures, words and sounds may appear here in a near future. And for sure the frequency to listen to the show. Yep.

With a huge thanks to “Comme sur des roulettes” for their warm welcome. Cheers! (appropriated since it was recorded at the Brass, previously a brewery for the now defunct Wiels bier)

Setlist 26062013

Gilles Snowcat, 08th of June, 2013

Fluffly setlist:

01. Riding The Yellow Line Gives Vibrations
02. The Train Is Leaving Kokura
03. Three Kinds Of Milk
04. My Last Evening In Ôita
05. Legs & Liquor
06. Room 211
07. They Burn The Mountain
08. Beppu Nights
09. Yanagigaura

Let’s get fluffier on 14th of September.

The Cats


Something fluffy is going on!

What? Gilles Snowcat will perform a fluffy set of velvety music on a warm evening of this very spring.

Where? Novanoïs, rue des Ailes 3 Vleugelsstraat 1030 Schaarbeek (Brussels, Belgium) tel +32 (02) 242.54.72

When? Saturday 8th of June, 2013, from 8pm.

How long? 30 minutes then he’ll vanish in the dark.

How much? Free entrance -you may owe the piano man a beer though.

Why? Because.