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When jazz-rock guitar ace Ian Rigillo and nu-jazz bass-hero Axel Dumont asked a reluctant Gilles Snowcat to join forces with them on the Gianax project, little did they know that they’d have to deal with some of his most unbearable ego-driven rock star antics, erratic behavior and embarrassing lack of commitment. And that was for the bright side.


Gianax. From left to right: Ian Rigillo, Axel Dumont, Susant Bista and Gilles Snowcat.

In for a penny, in for a pound, the dysfunctional booze-fueled trio successfully teamed with Nepalese pop star Susant Bista and after a few months of tensions, fights and unrestricted creativity, the EP “Pass the Pill” saw the light of day.

Gianax, "Pass The Pill"

Gianax, “Pass The Pill”.

Having been forced to cancel their long-awaited first concert due to a last minute whim from (not surprisingly) Gilles Snowcat, who all of a sudden decided he would have to be paid to rehearse, Gianax was on the verge of imploding and call it quits, when the good news broke on a clear morning: Gianax was featured on the prestigious KR-Magazine, the monthly bible for home-studio freaks and pros of the geekest side of music business.

It’s Ian Rigillo’s piece “Jungle Jazzin” that had been chosen to be included on KR Mag’s CD, “Découvertes 2016”.


Will this welcome sign of success convince Snowcat to stop fucking up the band’s future? Why don’t you make your own opinion by ordering your copy of KR Mag here?

And for your weary ears, Gianax’ EP “Pass the Pill” is still available at CD Baby or Gilles Snowcat’s Shopping Mall.


KR découvertes 2016 : C’est ici et nulle part ailleurs !

The sessions of Gilles Snowcat’s Nama Time brought unexpected consequences in the picture. Side effects, should we say.

Album opener “Continental Breakfast”’s bassist Axel Dumont (aka Mister Dumont) and guitarist Ian Rigillo (aka Fusian) somehow decided, for no reason that we know, to infuriate Gilles Snowcat (aka Gilles Snowcat) by covering his “Yanagigaura”, and shortening it to a radio edit, by removing two thirds of its initial substance. Some were sent to jail for lesser offenses.

Gianax, "Pass The Pill"

In the process, they shamelessly asked Snowcat to be part of it, an invitation he obviously reluctantly accepted, after much time spent more on negotiations than anything else.

The joke eventually evolved into an EP where each musician would have a song of his surgically butchered by the other two, without his consent on the final result, this goes without saying.

Fusian and Snowcat chose Mister Dumont’s “Jungle House”, while Dumont and Snowcat dismantled Fusian’s “Jungle Jazzin’” (no jungle pun intended).

Guests came around, and doctors brought some interesting results, and all this you can discover on Gianax’s main page

Some CD copies are on the way to collectors, so be alert and come back to check the Night Cats Lounge every now and then.

Gianax, Pass The Pill, 3 songs + 3 bonus tracks, available on CD Baby.