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Sousbock’s close collaboration with visual artist Frank Bizouard led to an interesting idea, to release a video based on the full new album, “Et Puis ?”.
Unlike other conceptual movies released from rock albums, this is a more contemplative, almost meditative relation between illustrations and each song.

More about this album has already been written here.

“Et puis ?” has just been released. Yeah.

Ah, forgot to tell you, it’s the new album from Sousbock.

You know Sousbock, that French band playing what they call depressive rock, featuring several lads that already gave your ears what they deserved on several Gilles Snowcat / Awaken records: Sébastien bargio Bournier, Nicolas NikoZark Leroy, Julien Trust No One and Marco Mariani.

Et puis ?” also features your favourite Snowcat playing some magic keys here and there, great songwriting and solid playing, a clear production (totally un-Snowcat in a way) and the usual stunning artwork from Franck, who is to Sousbock what Mark Wilkinson is for Fish or, well… Roger Dean for Yes.

Sousbock, "Et puis ?"

You can download the thing here and while you enjoy listening, thank Seb (he’s the Grand Leader / dictator) the following way (quote Seb):

Et si ça vous voulez pour une raison ou une autre me remercier, il y a deux façons de le faire : la première : me mettre un petit message pour me dire ce que vous en pensez (en bien ou en mal), la deuxième, faire un petit don à l’AFA pour soutenir la recherche contre la maladie de Crohn.

(end of quote)

Nota 1: a very special ahem… collector edition featuring a missing song was released at first but soon replaced by the whole album. Sousbock created the un-bonus track!

Nota 2: according to the artwork credits, it may be the last Sousbock album ever. Gosh, please beg them to change their mind (actually the Grand Leader’s mind), since [even though the salary for session musicians is not even enough to buy a bottle of Beaujolais Nouveau] it would be a shame that your beloved Snowcat would lose his every-three-years part time job.