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Oh oh, it’s Oh! Music Video News from October is out.  (it’s October already -check the falling leaves dude)

What’s inside ?

=> Remember the lad who did the beat on “3 Kinds Of Milk“, Mr Squonk66? He’s on it’s Oh! Music Video News from October. He brought Armelle LC’s harp on the trip. And along came Armelle -she didn’t want the harp to travel on its own.

=> Drummer Suro is, as you know, a great one. And guess what, he speaks good Japanese too. Jealous, Mr Snowcat?

=> Snowcat receives a strange letter. The truth inside.

It’s here. Just in case…

You wanted the best? He just published his memoirs. Who? The Best. The Catman =>

You want to vote, so you know it’s the green button, do you? Vote for who? Try it -don’t moan.

Those were the news, my friend.

Most logically, after digesting the one-drop, the Moko Moko Collection would generate dub mixes out of the riddim.

Let’s go for dubbing the “Legs & Liquor” tune, that song for lovers. It’s new, fresh and it’s here.

On a technical side, “Dub” might not be the most appropriate word, as there are no trace of a single track directly coming from the album. Everything has been re-recorded from A to Z. Mr Snowcat never changes -will he ever get old?

But it’s a dub take anyway. Mr Snowcat played around with everything and purrs with that new version of “Legs & Liquor”.

Oh there’s still the original version on the album too.

And amongst other dirty rumours, Mr Snowcat -who’s NOT asking to be renamed Snowlion- is already busy with another dub, for the Dub’n’Dance Collection.

(Also on Jango Radio).

Tapes are running, Gilles Snowcat should be preparing a new dub take of a Moko-Moko Collection piece. Which one? If only we knew…

Oh well, you have the “Mokomoko Collection” burning your brain, and you think where the hell are the singles? What a coincidence, there’s a first one here.

Dubbin' airplane

It’s an alternate take of  the “Mokomoko Collection” cobblestone: “I Could Live In An Airplane”, which you’d already know if you were currently listening. Listening HERE.

It’s part of the new Gilles Snowcat’s Dub’n’Dance station on Jango Airplay: