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When I visit a fellow musician’s studio, I’m sometimes surprised and scared by the strict, almost military tidiness where any trace of life seems to have been removed.
My musical environment is full of heteroclite objects that have, at first thought, no close relation to music at all. Well, I assume they have, like it or not.

One may ask (and some daring visitors do) why the hell I need a モヤっとボール on my keyboard, if an old chopstick on my sheet-music stand has really the power to make me play at a higher level and if my old Hello Kitty pick truly makes me a better guitarist. And the answer is invariably yes. Yes, a chopstick, a Kitty pick and a モヤっとボール, if they don’t necessary replace hours of practice in terms of virtuosity (something that’s stranger to me anyway), surely have the power to shake the magma of my inspiration and lead me to produce something more exciting, dangerous and slightly more outrageous than if I had been forced to create in a clean, white and neat room.


Those rock-star’s little helpers also include the fluffy chair, the warm strong black coffee or the 70° shot of absinth, the old outdated heavy wooden synthesizer bought during my high-school days, the bass guitar strings coming directly from Ôita-city or the painting of Breughel (well, it’s a copy) facing me every time I sit.

Some rude pals come and say “Hey Snowcat, you collect so much stuff. Why don’t you collect experiences instead? Uh?

Because the stuff that I collect is an experience in itself. Amen.

I love stuff that is soaked in history, memories and obscure meanings. Practical people see it as stuff, things that waste useful space, while I see and feel it as a connection with something bigger. And I love it.

Mardi Gras

Actually, I was born on Mardi Gras day. Yes, I guess it’s (a part of) the explanation.
Objects quickly pass from the status of mere stuff to the more responsible one of gris-gris, or lucky charm. Which explains why I need them around. They connect me. They bring me luck and inspiration, since they came from strong experiences. Gris-gris, not stuff.

Yellow & Pink Voodoo Dolls

I was born on Mardi Gras day, and that very moment influenced dramatically whatever happened since that day. And mostly for the best.
I can’t explain better than in music. I asked my gris-gris to take me somewhere once again, and two songs came straight out of it.

May you live the experience as strongly as I did. Listen to the single in streaming and if you want to own it, buy it through CD Baby or Bandcamp (more expensive but the complete artwork is offered as present). And in a matter of days it will spread its evil spells on Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, Deezer and other music online supermarkets. Welcome to Mardi Gras Station!

ps: the single features hallucinated contributions of Sébastien Bournier from Sousbock and Renato Ronchetti from Cinnamon Lilly.



It’s official! Rumour had it that your beloved Gilles would rejoin his mates of Cinnamon Lilly for some live shows in June. It happens in Piétrain, on Saturday 20th of June and Sunday 21.

Cinnamon Lilly 2015 live

Let us remind you that the collaboration between Snowcat and Cinnamon Lilly isn’t that fresh news, since both have shared talents since 2008, leading to some songwriting, recordings, live and eventually to a huge fight that luckily didn’t stop them to reunite to celebrate the QuARTier en Fête weekend.

Cinnamon Lilly 2015

Info, access and maps here.

Listen to some of Cinnamon Lily’s power here.





You, as do the most faithful fans of Gilles Snowcat, often wait for the sunset to have turned into a starry, sometimes cloudy, coffee-dark night to push the play button and let Gilles Snowcat’s love songs after dark fill the room.


You look at the golden beverage that awaits you to drink it, can it be whisky or some other kind of spirit.

The night will most likely turn to be in night satin… Life is so short and temptation is so close…

A night like this is, as to quote old clichés, is a night that you wish would never end.
Yet it does. The sun comes back (providing the clouds allow him to), caressing your sleepy eyes, trying to make you forget what happened just a few hours before.


A night to remember

Morning is no more the time for Snowcat’s love songs after dark. You promise yourself you won’t be tempted anymore when evening comes. You fell into temptation, into the overuse of a dirty little guilty pleasure.

However, as the coffee pours its magic drops in your cup, something draws you to commit the sin again. It’s breakfast time, and you already need your dose. Long before dark. You got it. “Continental Breakfast“, a song that already carries its load of nefarious rumours and questions.

Gilles Snowcat's very own idea of a continental breakfast...

Gilles Snowcat’s very own idea of a continental breakfast…

According to who knows best, “Continental Breakfast” is a demo mysteriously leaking from sessions of the long-awaited forthcoming record from Gilles (ooh really? Holy shit, this really going to happen?).

Why is “Continental Breakfast” published almost officially is yet to be explained, though some high-powers may have more pressure than we may think. Perhaps…
Whatever it is said, “Continental Breakfast” is available on a rather unique version, something you should treasure.

And if you wonder why it is sold 2,99 dollars instead of the regular price for other Snowcat songs, the reason is plain simple: one has to feed the musicians playing on the next album. And there’s no mystery here: the better they’re fed / paid, the better they play. Ditch the myth of starving artists who produce their best!

So if you enjoyed “Continental Breakfast“, could we gently but firmly ask you to buy your own copy? (PayPal makes it friendly) You’ll contribute to keep the band satisfied. And… productive. At the end of the day, it’s your own pleasure that will be enhanced. As good as… a breakfast with Gilles Snowcat.

from the Night Cats, 05/05/2015.

ps: On a technical side:

Cinnamon Lilly

Continental Breakfast” is one of the songs coming from the songwriting collaboration between Gilles Snowcat and Cinnamon Lilly‘s Grand Leader Renato Ronchetti.



The Green Fairy mix comes from a series of demo recordings that clearly deserve their Green Fairy title… You’ll figure out why. You know best.


Link to the demo version (and buy your very own copy):

Gilles Snowcat’s main site:

Cinnamon Lilly confirmed!

Fluffy 14/09/2013


Oh oh, it’s Oh! Music Video News from October is out.  (it’s October already -check the falling leaves dude)

What’s inside ?

=> Remember the lad who did the beat on “3 Kinds Of Milk“, Mr Squonk66? He’s on it’s Oh! Music Video News from October. He brought Armelle LC’s harp on the trip. And along came Armelle -she didn’t want the harp to travel on its own.

=> Drummer Suro is, as you know, a great one. And guess what, he speaks good Japanese too. Jealous, Mr Snowcat?

=> Snowcat receives a strange letter. The truth inside.

It’s here. Just in case…

You wanted the best? He just published his memoirs. Who? The Best. The Catman =>

You want to vote, so you know it’s the green button, do you? Vote for who? Try it -don’t moan.

Those were the news, my friend.

Good day dear you and you and you,

if Snowcat was wanted dead or alive, how much would be the reward? Bring your currency converter ’cause it’s written in Japanese yen. Where? See lower:

it’s Oh! Music video news from September is out now ! Misaki going to USA, Cinnamon Lilly in the passengers only row, a boat in a port, Gilles Snowcat hiding somewhere in a forest of South Belgium, well, this is here. And the reward if you ever find Gilles Snowcat somewhere else.

Cinnamon Lilly

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Some months ago, yours truly did an interim job in that very band, Cinnamon Lilly. Seems a few tunes finally leaked somewhere, and that somewhere is reachable when you click on the image below:

If you don’t like to click on images (any kind of neurosis and phobia is thinkable from you), just go on that link:

Oh and there too: