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Snorting Santa

There was a time, not so long ago, Christmas happily rhymed with snow. We didn’t need to dream of anything white, for it came every year at an almost regular moment.
Well it was years ago, and 2016 doesn’t seem to want to bring the holy flakes. Why? There’s a reason.
Discover the brutal truth in Gilles Snowcat’s new Xmas song Snorting Santa’s Got A Screw Loose. Yes, it’s out!

Hey! Special Xmas presents from Gilles Snowcat! Download “Snorting Santa” and you receive:
– one free amazing bonus karaoke song!
– the lyrics sheet
– the artwork in HQ
– and of course the single (2 songs)

And you know what? Type the secret code and you get 50% discount! (only available for members of Gilles Snowcat’s Secret Club and subscribers of Gilles’ Fan Page)

“Snorting Santa” and your presents are available here. And nowhere else.

Download it now, listen to it millions of times so you’ll be ready on Xmas eve to sing it, dance to it, drink to it, get high to it and make love to it. Then Santa can leave some presents on the table and life’s good.

Merry Xmas? Merry Xmas.

Xmas 2013

Where are the sleigh bells? Not here. But it is a Xmas single.