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The making-of "Electric Time" from September to December 1988

Fans have a curious mind. They’re the first to want to dig in the shit of their beloved artists. Therefore, the old Awaken tapes “Numb…”, “Phase II: Scrappy”, “Awaken III: Blurp!” and Gilles Snowcat’s solo tape “Zéro Sur Dix : Encore Raté !” are auctioned at crazy amounts that can reach the price of a small car in a flash.

Gilles Snowcat’s solo tape “Zéro Sur Dix : Encore Raté!” and Awaken's “Awaken III: Blurp!”

Gilles Snowcat’s solo tape “Zéro Sur Dix : Encore Raté !” and Awaken’s “Awaken III: Blurp!

Not that it’s bad, but most of those tapes didn’t stand the test of times physically speaking. The hiss is sometimes covering the whole music and the tape itself is sadly easy to cut itself in modern cassette players.
In a bold move, Gilles Snowcat decided to let those relics be available in a faithful mp3 copy with the whole booklet (except for “Numb…” that definitely lost its graphics). In addition, some even more intimate bits like the making-of “Electric Time” (Autumn – Winter 1988) will also make a brief appearance in your lucky ears.

The making-of "Electric Time" from September to December 1988

The making-of “Electric Time” from September to December 1988

The tapes can be listened only for members of Gilles Snowcat’s Private Club.

Something like 100 years ago, composer Hervé Gilles and Gilles Snowcat not only created the longest lasting confusion of the Awaken world (“how come Gilles can be a first and a last name? Who is who? Are they the same person?”), but also recorded a tune that would be on the then-new now-collector “Party In Lyceum’s Toilets”.

The news of today is that Hervé Gilles just released a LP, “First Day”, on the might CD Baby shop.

First Day (Hervé Gilles)
If you want to hear what good a real composer is able to do to your ears, “First Day” is obviously for you.

Hakim Rahmouni and Irène Csordas, the lads you hear every morning when you play your copy of “Mokomoko Collection”, also have a serious job: they co-lead the Narcotic Daffodils with a bunch of more or less grumpy instrumentists.

And that band just left the cosy studio with a brand new thing called “Cellex”, which is not related to the famous anti-aging skin care company, as far as we know.

Franck Carducci hasn’t played with Gilles Snowcat yet, and may never do so, but both have a common ground under the name of Nicolas ‘Nicozark’ Leroy, who plays on both “Mokomoko Collection” from GS and “Oddity” from FC.

Franck Carducci

The news here is that Carducci will stop in Belgium with his band to perform “Oddity” and other oddities on Saturday the 22nd of February. Here are the tour dates:

21/02/2014 (20:00): L’Antipode, Paris [France]. Info.

22/02/2014 (20:30): La Chapelle, Mons [Belgium]. Info.

23/02/2014 (15:00): ‘t Blok, Rotterdam [Netherlands]. Info.

13/03/2014 (21:00): Le Brin de Zinc, Chambery [France]. Info.

12/06/2014 (21:00): Satellit cafe, Roanne [France]

And last but surely not least, the volume 21 of the Video News from it’s Oh! MUSIC has just been released, featuring Ayaka, Armelle LC, Narcotic Daffodils and yours truly.

it's Oh! Video News 2/2014

… Julie “Cunégonde” Absil, Paul G., Gilles Snowcat, Amy Kay and Jenny Quinn set fire in Woluwé’s venue, Le Gué, formerly known as La Ferme V -yep, that very one that welcomed an early show of Genesis back in the 70’s. And exactly 15 years before the 19/09/2013 show in Forest.

19 09 1998