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Well you know there’s something hot planned for 15th of November? I’m not talking about it now. There’s something else. Snowcat Soundtrack is a collection of pieces that you can use for various purposes like videos, short films, movies, conferences, events, video games, CM or private bedroom time.

Feel free to cut, copy, paste, remix… as long as you credit the composer. It’s on download offer in Bandcamp. Choose the piece you need following your purpose, or buy the whole album (which implies a good discount).

01. Snowball Maps  04:26
02. Almost Wet  09:51
03. Don’t Forget The Volcano  02:18
04. Erocket  02:56
05. In Between Before And After Voodoo  05:27

06. The Best Pick Up Line Ever  03:03
07. Act Of Denegation  04:10
08. Derrick Straße  03:52
09. Memo Micro  01:36
10. Good Time Cream  02:50