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The party’s over, the bar has been shattered by a whisky-induced craze, yet the piano still makes the morning sound like there’s a hope. The sunset and the sunrise are always so similar in that new and unknown zone of your life. The last drunken lady stares at the counter with a look of disbelief. The piano still plays for her. And for you too, if you’re smart enough to grab the right notes when you shyly pass the corridor.

Cinnamon Lilly confirmed!

Fluffy 14/09/2013


Good day dear you and you and you,

if Snowcat was wanted dead or alive, how much would be the reward? Bring your currency converter ’cause it’s written in Japanese yen. Where? See lower:

it’s Oh! Music video news from September is out now ! Misaki going to USA, Cinnamon Lilly in the passengers only row, a boat in a port, Gilles Snowcat hiding somewhere in a forest of South Belgium, well, this is here. And the reward if you ever find Gilles Snowcat somewhere else.