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This little piece of art lower has a glimpse of an answer:

Video News 2103年8月

What time is it? Ask a Japanese top model. Also featuring: Sousbock, and Gilles Snowcat’s art gallery in Beppu.


United Colours of Yellow Line

Dorothy took (the Wiz) took the Yellow Brick Road. Does she know that riding the Yellow Line gives (even more) vibrations? Is the Mean Ol’ Lion a Mean Ol’ Snowcat? Take the taxi. And ride the Yellow Line…



Dear friends, enemies and passing smiles,

you’ve asked me, I can almost reply: yes there some smell in the air of a Moko-Moko Live. And it smells good. But I still keep cooking, and when I serve the dish I call you. Something else: the “social” media -they call it “social”, gosh……..

Not that I’m really a fan of that social media thing, unless I am working I’m at a tablet factory -which, thanks god, I’m not-, but hey that thing is kinda useful to spread the hots. So, just to let you know, there’s now a Twitter account specially dedicated to the awaken – Snowcat -Nekokawa whatever related news, and it’s simply and arrogantly

Easy, easy. And for that site where people are ahem ‘friends’ and ‘like’ or dislike, that’s here:

Oh by the way, for once I wanna get a little personal.  Just a little. Well it was on March 17th, year 2006, that yours truly the Old Cat stepped out of a train in a then unknow place called Beppu. Wow, if I knew how it would change everything…. It quickly became, and heavily remains, something that turned out to be a sweet obsession, and a delicious booster. A magic source of inspiration. Chances are if you like that Awaken stuff, you are kinda interested in that magic city too. Beppu has now a great fan page, We Love Beppu, ran by the great Yûtarô Murayoshi (村吉優太郎). It started gently and it’s growing and growing, I bet you can have a view and know more about the magic source that inspired some of my ‘umble music:

Visit We Love BEPPU (別府)here. (Ah, the bird account is :

Let’s end with a heart-warming news, your beloved “Moko Moko Collection” is in Le Petits-Pois, the magazine for Japanese friends living in Belgium. It’s here that you will read.

Have a drink on me!