Sébastien Bournier, singing drummer and drumming singer

Sébastien Bournier, the singing drummer, had a dream. A strong, obsessive dream. He wanted to take group pictures. Stupid group pictures. With a pose. Like any decent 80’s hair-metal band.

Satan Jokers

Years passed and someday, suddenly, he took the plunge, called his good friend J-P Benadjer, gave him a camera, and said: “Come on, JP, take group pictures of me”.

JP took the pics, gave back the camera to Seb, who went to the photographer having the film developed.

J-P Benadjer, fractal photographer

When he came back home, he called JP, panicked: “JP, I think there’s a little problem with the pics”

“Yeah?” said JP.

“I’m alone.”


“Well, these are group pics”.

“Ah, true. Never thought of that”

“What should I do?”

“Get a friend, bring him her and I’ll take more pictures.”

“JP, you’re a genius.”

“I know.”

Seb took his old but strong 1982 Citroën LNA and hit the road to Spain, where his old pal Paul J. No was making a living as a more or less official Jon Bon Jovi doppelganger. His hard earned pay check was however dilapidated in satisfying his deeper vice, drinking jamón soup till he dropped, every night, in his favourite Museo del Jamón restaurant.

Seb found Paul sniffing his 45th spoonful of jamón fat and boldly asked him if he wanted to join for group pictures. No said yes.

The two friends hit the road again, PJN having to deal with Seb’s recurrent joke: “Why didn’t you study medicine? You could have become Dr No!” Paul never knew if he had to laugh, sigh or simply keep quiet. He opted to laugh, which happened to be the wrong choice that just made Seb very confident in his storytelling, and remember the road is long. Many, many miles…

Paul J. No, affirmative serial jamónizer

Back to France, JP was asked once again to shoot what became a duet. “Lovely, lovely”, he said after the 457th cliché taken, “you look like a modern version of Modern Talking. Doubly modern.”.

“No”, said Seb.

“You called me?” said No.

“No, No, I meant I don’t want to look like Modern Talking”.

Modern Talking

“Me neither”, said No.

“You need to be three”, JP revealed.

“…or no to be!” laughed No, who revealed the source of his musical guilty pleasure.

“On s’est promis, oh oui, d’être toujours des amis ! ”, gladly added JP.

“I don’t want to be mistaken for the 2B3”, cried Seb.

2 Be 3

“Don’t worry”, said JP, “the risk is, let’s say, quite low.”

“So let’s bring Snowcat on the group.”

“No”, said No.

“I don’t want to take pictures of Snowcat”, mumbled JP.

“And I don’t want Snowcat on the pics!”, added Seb.

“So why you asked?”, wondered No and JP.

“Hey, we need someone here, no?”, defended Seb.

“You called me, Seb?”, asked No.


“Yes, you just did it again.”

“Oops”, britneyspeared Seb.

“What if JP became the 3rd member of our group?”, suggested No.

“Yes but who will take the pictures then?”, asked Seb.

“We can call Snowcat…”, innocently offered JP.

“Or simply use the timer of my iPhone X and do the shooting that way”, completed Seb.

A band was born. And then there were 3.

The pictures went viral. In no time, Seb, JP & No had become the new idols of South France, Spain and Catalognia del Jamón. Girls were sleeping in front of the house, money was flowing, life was good.

JP expressed his happiness: “We have a great band, wonderful pictures, faithful fans, free cocktails and a swimming pool. What else do we need?”

“An album, maybe?” replied No. “We haven’t played a single note of music since we formed.”

“Oh, that’s a great idea”, complimented Seb. “I’ll be the drummer. And you both, what you want to be?”

JP admitted that bass would suit him well, and No chose the keyboards.

“We need a guitarist”, reminded Seb.

“I know a band that became a trio and it’s the bassist who played the guitar”, said No.

“Well, he tried”, thought a realistic JP.

(Some bass players should have remained bass players)

Once it had been decided that it’s JP who would play the guitar, our newly formed band locked itself in a studio for four years, called themselves Lunear and offered the world their first album, a long-playing called “Many Miles Away”.

Listen to the album here: http://lunearmusic.com/listen/

Visit the website to get to know the three lads: http://lunearmusic.com/

What is the strange relationship between Lunear, Sousbock, Qurtis and Midrone? Read the review in this blog very soon (once it’s written actually).






If you’re familiar with Tarzan-style old movies, you most likely have heard the porters who said, paralysed by fear: “Don’t go there, sir! There very very dangerous, sir!“. But the ‘sir’ doesn’t seem to give a damn about the wise advice from the men of the Jungle, and keeps on going straight ahead. Then they leave the trunks on the floor, shout a desperate “We don’t go there sir“, run away, yelling a last piece of wisdom sounding like “We warned you, sir. We warned you!“.

Similarly, the taxi driver who doesn’t want to lift his customer to the deep dark parts of Brooklyn at night is fitting the same category.

But it’s only a movie, isn’t it? Does it happen in reality?

Hell yeah it does. When Gilles Snowcat gathered his musicians to give them a hint about his forthcoming album he had in mind, the reaction was unanimous: “Don’t go there, Snowcat!

Don’t go there, Gilles, this is dangerous music! No one does that anymore. Those who tried never came back. And those who succeeded failed anyway. Why don’t you play safe?“.

Far from daunting the Mardi Gras-born feline, the naysaying demands from the network boosted him to not only try, but succeed into making the wild, dangerous and fun territories his.

That’s why, since 18th of April, 2018, Snowcat is exploring, creating, experimenting and pushing his own boundaries to the point of no-return. And it’s quite exciting. Wild, dangerous, fun and exciting.

And guess what? The naughty musicians who were so reluctant to take the trip, where are they now? With Gilles, on the very same boat. Excited like kids in a toys store.

Yes there are sharks, traps, toxic stuff and tempting sirens carrying bottles of forbidden liquors, but so what? Isn’t it what makes rock’n’roll the upper it should always be?

Will we keep you updated on the making-of the album? Will we send you lots of pictures? Probably not. What happens backstage remains backstage. When time will come for you to discover the new collection of Snowcat’s tunes, you’ll know it without even realise. And you’ll feel in a wild, dangerous and fun mood.

The Night Cats.

Going to get a massage is often a wonderful experience. It can be thanks to the technique of the masseuse, or simply the level of connection she puts in her work.

The atmosphere of the salon also plays a big role in the quality of the massage. And the music.

Massage music is almost always quiet, light and slow. Gentle acoustic guitar or piano, with sounds of nature in the background. It helps to set the mood, and to keep it.

However, to stick with those characteristic can be counterproductive. You sometimes feel that the music is, if not like an intruder, at least like it wasn’t really part of the massage.

I wanted to understand how a good, efficient massage music could work. How to make it part of it, not just an addition.

Talking to massage salon owners and workers, I realised they all agreed that the music was either too random, or too cliché, too esotheric. They supported me in creating something they could use to improve the massage for the patient. And also for themselves. After all, isn’t massage a shared experience between the masseuse and the client?

Trance Awaken Massage

After a few trial and error steps, and a test in salons, the first two pieces of Nekokawa Massage were born. Honey Drops Massage is dedicated to full-body massages, especially Chinese ones, when Trance Awake Massage looks more on the Thai, or tantric side of the experience.

The positive reactions show that Nekokawa Massage is on the right track. Therefore, welcome www.nekokawamassage.com!

You can listen for free as a trial, then buy your HQ version for your salon.

Honey Drops Massage

Share your experiences and sensations with me too! Even better music will come from it…










Trance Awaken Massage

It’s November of 2017 and the brand new release “Bareta!” breaks new grounds for Gilles Snowcat.

Two new studio songs, the pulsing “Bareta!” and the sensually naughty “Eleganto Ni“, are completed by an unplugged live version of “Three Kinds Of Milk“, taken from the sessions of “Nama Time!

“Bareta!” depicts the breathtaking life of that anonymous couple in a constant need for excitement. It’s a wanton peek into the hectic life of their escape. Between adrenalin shots, expensive restaurants and cheap fast-food places, love and fear, the lovers seize every second, every minute, every hour of the day and the night.

A stunning sunset, a starry night, a cloudy sunrise, fresh air or hot breeze, there’s nothing that they can’t enjoy. There is elegance in their parallel life, elegance in messy their hotel room, elegance in their morning goosebump.

Everthing is elegant. Being caught in the act is still elegant. The casino just opened, which means that with Gilles’ love songs after dark, everyone is a winner.

“Bareta!” in shops: http://its-oh.net/index.php/directory/category/bareta-store-direct

“Bareta!”, the booklet: http://www.its-oh.net/ebook/bareta-booklet/mobile/index.html


Well you know there’s something hot planned for 15th of November? I’m not talking about it now. There’s something else. Snowcat Soundtrack is a collection of pieces that you can use for various purposes like videos, short films, movies, conferences, events, video games, CM or private bedroom time.

Feel free to cut, copy, paste, remix… as long as you credit the composer. It’s on download offer in Bandcamp. Choose the piece you need following your purpose, or buy the whole album (which implies a good discount).

01. Snowball Maps  04:26
02. Almost Wet  09:51
03. Don’t Forget The Volcano  02:18
04. Erocket  02:56
05. In Between Before And After Voodoo  05:27

06. The Best Pick Up Line Ever  03:03
07. Act Of Denegation  04:10
08. Derrick Straße  03:52
09. Memo Micro  01:36
10. Good Time Cream  02:50

… a call to action. The definite eBook for musicians. Available on Kindle here. Or on PDF here. So what? Why should you read The Rock Star Paradox? Who is The Rock Star Paradox for?

The Rock Star Paradox is for you if:

You are a musician and want to take your career to the next level. You know there’s more in life than just playing music, but you don’t know what. Something resonates with you, still you’re clueless. The Rock Star Paradox will open up your eyes and mind to what you didn’t even imagine could exist. You’ll be artistically and mentally bigger, taller and stronger after discovering

You are tired of writing the great songs in your band and see that the girls sleep with the illiterate lead singer. You do the hard work but the reward goes to someone else and you feel it’s unfair. You haven’t assessed your persona yet, and you feel like shit in your own band. Time to switch from insecure musician to confident rock star and show the world who you are and what your work is. The Rock Star Paradox will teach you how to get the credit you deserve.

You play in a cover band, or worse in a tribute band – and you hate it. It’s hard to leave the comfort of your band when you’re scared of the rock star journey? You couldn’t find any better book than The Rock Star Paradox. You’ll understand why tribute / cover bands have nothing to do with rock’n’roll and why staying with them will ruin your rock star career.

You are stuck, paralysed by the paradoxes because you think they are evil. They’re not evil. You have to make them work for you, not against you. This book will not only open your eyes to the actual paradoxes, but also teach you how to use them at your own advantage to the point that you’ll wish there could be more of them in life.


You want fucking money but you don’t feel like working for a fast-food chain or staying in a cubicle listening to lousy jokes from boring colleagues. You’ll learn how to link art and money without feeling like a betrayer. You’ll discover why money is actually your music’s best friend.

You’re curious. You want to understand what the hell happens in rock stars’ mind. Why are they different from the average person? What psychology drives them, what makes them what they are? Everything is explained here in The Rock Star Paradox.

You have a day job. And you wonder how if it’s good or bad for your musical career. The Rock Star Paradox will teach you how to make your job work for your rock star status instead of killing it.

You’re surrounded by unsupportive people. Your family, spouse and friends want you to have a “serious” activity and do their best to destroy your rock star ambitions? But you love them and don’t want to dump them. The Rock Star Paradox has a powerful solution for you. And it will benefit your circle too. Win-win!

You love the author of the book. That’s also a good reason.

You’ve read tons of books on music business. And you haven’t made any realistic move since 15 years. The Rock Star Paradox is not just words, it’s a call to action.

So? It’s here.


Dear friends,

summer is preparing to leave space for the ever inspiring month of September. You may be pissed at saying goodbye to your beloved farniente season. That’s why I decided to do something crazy for you. My cute discography on Bandcamp (30 releases) for a mere 10 bucks instead of 106. (??!!)

No need to be a math genius to get it’s 90% off. (!!!!)

Fuck, 90%????

But Gilles, how long will you survive with such a low price?

No idea. That’s precisely why the discount will last until I can’t take it no more.

Understand: I start it today and may remove it tomorrow, or in 2 weeks, or next year, or never, or in October, whatever… You’re not quick enough? You miss it. But how quick is quick enough? It’s just like life itself: you receive every day an amount of time that can be taken back at any moment. It can be within an hour, or in 20 years. It’s life’s greatest uncertainty.

So for fuck’s sake, my discount is not just a discount, it’s an anti-procrastination kick in you ass. Usually, people wait for the last moment of the discount to enjoy it. “Tomorrow’s still OK, why should I buy it now?“, you said. Now you can’t anymore!!! You’d better jump on my Bandcamp page and get that whole discography. Click on any album and then choose “Full digital discography“.

Now I’m getting back to my work of writing my eBook while you enjoy my humble discography. Did I say… “my eBook”?

Oh oh… keep connected. I smell there’s something you will like then…
Thank you for you faithfulness, patience and checks. 🙂


I didn’t want to start this review with the same old moans about how great music was in the past and how boring it is now. But I will. I love being an old fart. In the evolution of rock, let’s say from “Rock Around The Clock” until now, there has been some periods, clear evolutions and devolutions that led us to what the music market is now: music either impersonating past eras on an embarrassing parody, either bland and unbearably safe. Live venues are polluted by cover bands and audiences are fooled to the point of thinking that Muse is really a rock band. Where are the melodies?

Brick Bosso stole them.

Most known for his huge knowledge on synthesizers and his flair to discover unique artists all over the world, Brick Bosso somehow decided, maybe without even knowing it, to become the most British act from California.

The press release is as short as it can be, stating that “Equipped with only a minimalist studio and guitars, tons of talent, and his curse-breaking tenacity, Brick Bosso finally releases his debut album.

When asked to clarify the issue of the music style he’s conveying, Bosso keeps it vague: “I’m happy to tell some stories in songs– stories that I might not have had a chance to articulate if I hadn’t picked up my guitar.”

Stories. “Dark Exposure” is all about stories, articulated words matching their melody that could almost rank Bosso in the crooner box. “I think the thing I value most about writing songs is the ability to tell stories and present views of things that are unusual or awkward to express in everyday life.”

On the short 35 minutes spread into 12 songs (two being download bonuses), Brick Bosso shows a talent that may hide a devouring ambition to conquer a niche and crush other musicians. But always unassuming, he humbly states that “Ideally the album will get just enough attention to attract a few musicians so I can assemble a team, kind of like the way The Avengers or The Justice League were assembled, only on a much, much smaller budget, and even louder.”

Dark Exposure” has what a good album needs: an unity and enough variety to keep the listener satisfied, from the first notes of the sunny beach anthem “Watching The Sun Come Up” to the last beat of the acoustic-driven “Strange Transcendent Mary”, making Mary rhyme with Hello Kitty under a comfy blanket of Mellotron strings.

I told before that Bosso had a soft spot for analog machines, yet the synthesizers are strangely low-key in the record. They make an apparition here and there, but besides the New Order infused “The Day And The Night” and its dissonant guitars fighting with an uncontrollable synth-bass, they mostly leave space for a dominative Farfisa organ, sometimes 60s on steroids, sometimes even punk (“Was”). The organ leaves its comfort zone to do the perfect match with new-wave guitars on the fascinating “Flow With It”, or sympathises with an almost industrial drum machine on “True Believer”.

The 60’s feel comes here and there, especially with “Mary On My Mind” that sounds McCartney-ish even before hearing some of the confirming lyrics.

The obvious single that could smash the radios is the infectious “Here Comes Mr. Faketapes”, that asks for explanation, such a title being obviously anything but innocent. Brick Bosso provides it when asked about the future of his promising musical career. Brick Bosso came on album as unexpectedly as he might withdraw, since he’s not a heavy planner and when asked if he could release something new sometimes near, he smiles and shrugs:

Well, now that I’ve called out the false claimants (Find Your Heart Again), criticized the tape fabricators (Here Comes Mr. Faketapes) and addressed Marian apparitions (Strange Transcendent Mary), there’s not much more for me to do, other than sit back and play my ukulele.

Seeing that his statement was hard to believe from such a creative man, he slightly corrects: “I’m tinkering with some other songs, but as far as making “dark exposure” suddenly obsolete by creating a follow up, I’m not ready for that yet.”

Really? Can this be true. Bosso looks irritated and, as if he wanted to please us just to get rid of annoying questions, he closes the interview by dropping “I really don’t know what’s next. I’m writing some more in a more classic rock and blues vein, this time mostly using piano. We’ll see.

Yes we’ll see. And in waiting, let’s keep on hearing and listening to the “Dark Exposure” album from someone who’ll get to be known, despite himself, maybe.


Brick Bosso, “Dark Exposure”, 2017.

Available at https://brickbosso.bandcamp.com/

Album purchase includes two bonus tracks, “Conversations (We Might Have Had)” and “Waiting For The Paradox”.

If you were around in the mid-80’s and picked up the free magazine Rock This Town, you might have heard about a hairy blond guy named Simon Rigot. He was active in the underground Belgian scene and was connected to almost every act who had their names cited in RTT, like a mad professor who’d taken the lead of a crime organization.
Years have passed, and bored of living on his main asset “My Suitor”, Rigot came back on the scene with a low-key surf band, the Lunar Tiki’s, gradually evolving into a psychedelic revival act, the Narcotic Daffodils.

Summer Love

An unlikely line-up made of three young rebels and two reformed blokes (Rigot and ex-punk bassist Flupke), the Daffodils released two more than decent albums, before finding themselves in the usual turmoil of any band, rock or not: the holy line-up change. Doors slammed, and while almost anyone would have betted the three rebels would have fired the two old farts, it’s quite the opposite that happened.
Rigot and Flupke had to find three new young boys’n’girls to keep the legend alive. The struggled paid off under the shape of a third album, “Summer Love”, released almost 50 years after the Summer of Love of 1967. Just on time to have something new to listen to on the beach next summer.

“Summer love” has a cool artwork, which is a trademark of the Narcotic Daffodils that contrasts with their usual lack of mystery in promotion time. Another good surprise is the timing of the album, just enough to compete with a vinyl record. This is a happy reversal tendency to the over packed CD’s of the 90’s – 2000’s that were at best unmemorable.

The Daffodils 2017 starts with a very cool, riff-driven and well-arranged “Summer Love”, setting the tone for the whole LP. This great piece is followed by “Naturally High”, musically above average but lyrically stupid. Although sounding more 67 than any 1967 act, the Narcotic Daffodils are a product of their time. The sea, sex and sun ideology has been replaced by the eco-friendly bore of index 50 sunscreen, condoms and solar panels. “Natural High”, the naïve story of a boy who gets high without drugs or alcohol (gosh poor guy), is the sad reminder of the times we’re living in. If the Narcotic Daffodils want to become the Ed Sheeran of psychedelism, they’re on the right track.

Ritchie Blackmore has been known for a blunt honesty about the origins of most of the riffs he created, I hope he won’t hold any grudge to the Narcotic Daffodils for ripping off note-for-note his “Rat Bat Blue” for their “Guardians”. This embarrassing plagiarism doesn’t make the song bad however.

“Hypnotized” is a bit like “Riding The Drag” part II, with a good efficient riff without being a piece of art, and it’s with “You Can’t Get” that you can reach some heights of the talent provided by the 5 Belgians. It has a stunning mood, a funny 9/8 break and a superb organ solo. The Daffodils’ best song ever? Yeah.

Unfortunately it is followed by “Bruxelles”, without a doubt one of the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard in my life. It makes Céline Dion sound like a poet and 1-Direction like a bunch of dirty punks. The ridiculously sissy lyrics, sung (quite badly) in French and Flemish (to show the ahem… unity of Brussels…) makes it sound like a joke, but not a funny one. And the problem is: it’s not even a joke. It’s meant to be serious. When the band tells you genuinely that the song is a love declaration to the city of Brussels, you start to think that being naturally high might be destructive for mental health. As if wasn’t enough, “Bruxelles” is coloured by samples of the announcements made on the public transports company, the lousy STIB –one of the most ridiculous  public transports company in the whole world. It makes the listening a really painful experience. And although the song had been written before the attacks of March 22, its release afterwards gives me the bitter feeling that it belongs to the pinnacle of the mediatic bullshit that arose since then: politically correct banter, calls to unity with a white-teeth smile, “we don’t have hate, we love everybody” lies and the usual ostrich policy. Nice guys seems to forget that on March 22, families were shattered, destroyed, innocent were killed or worse mutilated for life, some lost a limb or two, some their vision, other their hearing, some now spend their life recluse and jobless, all that for absolutely no good reason. Songs like that are like turning the other cheek and ask for more terror, more blood and more drama.

Phew, a breath of fresh air is needed. “Atomic 53” is the savior, its 9 minutes of a throbbing groove sounding like a redemption after the previous faux-pas.
How to conclude? Even if we may be repelled by the un-rock, band-next-door attitude of the Daffodils, they provide truly great songs, full of substance and melodies, with great playing and energy that goes straight to the guts of the listener. Are the Daffodils too respectful to their masters? Maybe. But who cares, after all? My eras tell me to play it again. By skipping a track, of course.

“Summer Love” is an it’s Oh! MUSIC release. Available at http://www.thenarcoticdaffodils.com too.

Dear friends, enemies, fans, haters and passing smiles,

it’s with a big smile of gratitude that I let you know that “Mardi Gras Station” has reached the point of receiveing the most enthusiast comments in the shortest time since 2006’s “Cà Phê & Pizza” single! You’ve obsiously been voodoo’ed.

Snowcat and his voodoo dolls

To celebrate this and the coming of Mardi Gras on February 28th, “Mardi Gras Station” is now spreading its voodoo spells on Spotify, Google Play, iTunes, and as usual Bandcamp and of course CD Baby.

A more than chaotic live première happened on Thursday 16/02/2017 in Brussels. From left to right: Gilles (voc, kbds), Myles Simpson (drums), Pat Lennon (guitar), Bill Bayer (lead guitar), Ruslan Galkanov (trumpet), Glen Smith (guitar), Saduman Erbarut (chanting), Marie de Condé (chanting):

"Mardi Gras Station" live

A special page with your reviews is now under construction. In waiting, please refer to SynthBeat’s overview of “Mardi Gras Station” here.




SynthBeat: http://www.synthbeat.com/2017/02/04/gilles-snowcats-fun-and-frightening-mardi-gras-spell/
Spotify: https://play.spotify.com/album/4QM7yupbJkiolkjTtl4ukc?play=true&utm_source=open.spotify.com&utm_medium=open
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/music/album?id=Boytbx5nnfvlektkrt4z65hcfiu&pcampaignid=music_preview_share&tid=song-Tvm5lbwk5qgupr3yc5yfpi3m734&rdid=song-Tvm5lbwk5qgupr3yc5yfpi3m734&rdot=1
Bandcamp: https://gillessnowcat.bandcamp.com/album/mardi-gras-station
CD Baby: https://www.cdbaby.com/cd/gillessnowcat2
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/mardi-gras-station-single/id1203661335