Moko-Moko Collection (モコモコ・コレクション)

Art is not necessary where you think you would find it. “Moko-Moko Collection” is simply an ode to hedonistic stuff, fluff, liquors and perfumes. An organic collection for daring minds, open hearts and purring cats. Pursuing the idea of finding music where it is not supposed to be, Gilles Snowcat kept on throwing his own strategies in the island of Kyûshû, Japan. Hopefully humbly, the “Moko Moko Collection” points out the emergence of the stunning beauty of places and sensations that can only be found in that very part of the world. “Moko-Moko Collection” can be seen as a softly hedonistic, probably romantic vision of life. Cats sleeping on a velvet bed, fluffy feelings caressing your yet unquiet soul, this is what we call ‘goro-goro music’.
The recording would never have been the same without the help of kabosu & yuzu liquors from the prefecture of Ôita. It is an it’s Oh! Music release.

Shape: downloadable LP

Released: February 2012


1) 回送 (Kaisô)
2) Three Kinds Of Milk
3) Room 211
4) Lady ゴミ (Lady Gomi)
5) I Could Live In An Airplane

6) Rites Of The Circling Food
7) Legs & Liquor
8) My Best Friend Is My Own Ghost
9) モコモコ (Moko-Moko)

Length: 49:22

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The orchestra:
Bass guitar: Nicolas “Nicozark” Leroy, Trust No One, Snowcat
Drum computer: Squonk66, Trust No One, Snowcat
Drums: Sébastien “Sastien” Bourdon, Sébastien “bargio” Bournier, Benjamin Leroy
FX: Snowcat
Guitars: Cedric Hamelryck, Nicolas “Nicozark” Leroy, Hakim Rahmouni, Haraa, Maxime Leroy, Trust No One, Snowcat
Harp: Marco Mariani
Keyboards: Snowcat, Trust No One, Flavio Pilato, Haraa
Organ: Snowcat
Percussion: Sébastien “bargio” Bournier
Synthesizer programming / sequencer: Jean-Paul Hupé, Squonk66, Snowcat
Treatments: Haraa
Voices: Snowcat, Ai Nagao (長尾愛), Irène Csordas, Itsuo Hyûga (日向逸夫), Martin Swabey, PatLap

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