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Music wasn’t that bad in 2008. I mean commercial music. You could turn on the radio or TV and listen to some good things, Timbaland, Kanye West, Nelly Furtado, Lily Allen, Maroon 5, Justin Timberlake, that was fresh air compared to the boring 90’s. Hey, even Oasis started to release something that sounded meaningful in 2008…

And “This Mouth (Nhạc Cho Em Mèo)” from yours truly. Gosh, it’s been 10 years. So the high-powers decided to give it a remaster test. Pass? Fail? Let’s dig deeper.

How does the remaster of “This Mouth (Nhạc Cho Em Mèo)” stand out, compared with the original version?
It’s like listening with HQ loudspeakers after 10 years of earphones, to give you a metaphor. It’s the same album, same sound, but different, enhanced. Like a gramophone with a new stylus.

Why did you choose to remaster “This Mouth (Nhạc Cho Em Mèo)” instead of any other of your records?
I found I still had the original masters, that were actually cruelly lacking mastering, also it’s its 10th anniversary today, and despite its lo-fi sound, it’s a fans’ favourite, so why not cleaning it a little?

Did you remix the songs as well?
Not a slice. The multi tracks have been long deleted and there’s no way to remix the songs, even if my life depended on it. Which is good, since I don’t want to fuck up with history anyway.

Are there any bonus tracks from the “This Mouth (Nhạc Cho Em Mèo)” sessions? Any demo?
No. And no. There’s the original bonus track that you get if you’re a good girl (or good boy) and download the album instead of lazily streaming it. There’s a demo or two somewhere, they might appear someday in a “Rare Grooves” collection album, or not, I don’t know.

What makes “This Mouth (Nhạc Cho Em Mèo)” so special?
There are some powerful energies involved in its making, back in 2008, and you can feel them when you listen to it. It’s a soulful record, it has its own kind of groove. Its dysfunctional for the better, should I say…

What gave it this lo-fi mood?
Some experimentations went bananas.

Is “This Mouth (Nhạc Cho Em Mèo)” a concept-album?
Yes and no, it has a unity for sure, and some underlying stories that connect the songs, so you can say there’s a concept behind it.

Who should never buy “This Mouth (Nhạc Cho Em Mèo)”?
It’s surely not for everyone. It’s quite libidinous, booze-infused, things could go berserk sometimes, so if you just love clean acts, don’t bother buying. It’s like an exclusive club, you need to pass a test, and if you love “This Mouth (Nhạc Cho Em Mèo)” you’re in.

* This Mouth (Nhạc Cho Em Mèo) 10th anniversary remaster *

Sébastien Bournier, singing drummer and drumming singer

Sébastien Bournier, the singing drummer, had a dream. A strong, obsessive dream. He wanted to take group pictures. Stupid group pictures. With a pose. Like any decent 80’s hair-metal band.

Satan Jokers

Years passed and someday, suddenly, he took the plunge, called his good friend J-P Benadjer, gave him a camera, and said: “Come on, JP, take group pictures of me”.

JP took the pics, gave back the camera to Seb, who went to the photographer having the film developed.

J-P Benadjer, fractal photographer

When he came back home, he called JP, panicked: “JP, I think there’s a little problem with the pics”

“Yeah?” said JP.

“I’m alone.”


“Well, these are group pics”.

“Ah, true. Never thought of that”

“What should I do?”

“Get a friend, bring him her and I’ll take more pictures.”

“JP, you’re a genius.”

“I know.”

Seb took his old but strong 1982 Citroën LNA and hit the road to Spain, where his old pal Paul J. No was making a living as a more or less official Jon Bon Jovi doppelganger. His hard earned pay check was however dilapidated in satisfying his deeper vice, drinking jamón soup till he dropped, every night, in his favourite Museo del Jamón restaurant.

Seb found Paul sniffing his 45th spoonful of jamón fat and boldly asked him if he wanted to join for group pictures. No said yes.

The two friends hit the road again, PJN having to deal with Seb’s recurrent joke: “Why didn’t you study medicine? You could have become Dr No!” Paul never knew if he had to laugh, sigh or simply keep quiet. He opted to laugh, which happened to be the wrong choice that just made Seb very confident in his storytelling, and remember the road is long. Many, many miles…

Paul J. No, affirmative serial jamónizer

Back to France, JP was asked once again to shoot what became a duet. “Lovely, lovely”, he said after the 457th cliché taken, “you look like a modern version of Modern Talking. Doubly modern.”.

“No”, said Seb.

“You called me?” said No.

“No, No, I meant I don’t want to look like Modern Talking”.

Modern Talking

“Me neither”, said No.

“You need to be three”, JP revealed.

“…or no to be!” laughed No, who revealed the source of his musical guilty pleasure.

“On s’est promis, oh oui, d’être toujours des amis ! ”, gladly added JP.

“I don’t want to be mistaken for the 2B3”, cried Seb.

2 Be 3

“Don’t worry”, said JP, “the risk is, let’s say, quite low.”

“So let’s bring Snowcat on the group.”

“No”, said No.

“I don’t want to take pictures of Snowcat”, mumbled JP.

“And I don’t want Snowcat on the pics!”, added Seb.

“So why you asked?”, wondered No and JP.

“Hey, we need someone here, no?”, defended Seb.

“You called me, Seb?”, asked No.


“Yes, you just did it again.”

“Oops”, britneyspeared Seb.

“What if JP became the 3rd member of our group?”, suggested No.

“Yes but who will take the pictures then?”, asked Seb.

“We can call Snowcat…”, innocently offered JP.

“Or simply use the timer of my iPhone X and do the shooting that way”, completed Seb.

A band was born. And then there were 3.

The pictures went viral. In no time, Seb, JP & No had become the new idols of South France, Spain and Catalognia del Jamón. Girls were sleeping in front of the house, money was flowing, life was good.

JP expressed his happiness: “We have a great band, wonderful pictures, faithful fans, free cocktails and a swimming pool. What else do we need?”

“An album, maybe?” replied No. “We haven’t played a single note of music since we formed.”

“Oh, that’s a great idea”, complimented Seb. “I’ll be the drummer. And you both, what you want to be?”

JP admitted that bass would suit him well, and No chose the keyboards.

“We need a guitarist”, reminded Seb.

“I know a band that became a trio and it’s the bassist who played the guitar”, said No.

“Well, he tried”, thought a realistic JP.

(Some bass players should have remained bass players)

Once it had been decided that it’s JP who would play the guitar, our newly formed band locked itself in a studio for four years, called themselves Lunear and offered the world their first album, a long-playing called “Many Miles Away”.

Listen to the album here:

Visit the website to get to know the three lads:

What is the strange relationship between Lunear, Sousbock, Qurtis and Midrone? Read the review in this blog very soon (once it’s written actually).






If you’re familiar with Tarzan-style old movies, you most likely have heard the porters who said, paralysed by fear: “Don’t go there, sir! There very very dangerous, sir!“. But the ‘sir’ doesn’t seem to give a damn about the wise advice from the men of the Jungle, and keeps on going straight ahead. Then they leave the trunks on the floor, shout a desperate “We don’t go there sir“, run away, yelling a last piece of wisdom sounding like “We warned you, sir. We warned you!“.

Similarly, the taxi driver who doesn’t want to lift his customer to the deep dark parts of Brooklyn at night is fitting the same category.

But it’s only a movie, isn’t it? Does it happen in reality?

Hell yeah it does. When Gilles Snowcat gathered his musicians to give them a hint about his forthcoming album he had in mind, the reaction was unanimous: “Don’t go there, Snowcat!

Don’t go there, Gilles, this is dangerous music! No one does that anymore. Those who tried never came back. And those who succeeded failed anyway. Why don’t you play safe?“.

Far from daunting the Mardi Gras-born feline, the naysaying demands from the network boosted him to not only try, but succeed into making the wild, dangerous and fun territories his.

That’s why, since 18th of April, 2018, Snowcat is exploring, creating, experimenting and pushing his own boundaries to the point of no-return. And it’s quite exciting. Wild, dangerous, fun and exciting.

And guess what? The naughty musicians who were so reluctant to take the trip, where are they now? With Gilles, on the very same boat. Excited like kids in a toys store.

Yes there are sharks, traps, toxic stuff and tempting sirens carrying bottles of forbidden liquors, but so what? Isn’t it what makes rock’n’roll the upper it should always be?

Will we keep you updated on the making-of the album? Will we send you lots of pictures? Probably not. What happens backstage remains backstage. When time will come for you to discover the new collection of Snowcat’s tunes, you’ll know it without even realise. And you’ll feel in a wild, dangerous and fun mood.

The Night Cats.

When I visit a fellow musician’s studio, I’m sometimes surprised and scared by the strict, almost military tidiness where any trace of life seems to have been removed.
My musical environment is full of heteroclite objects that have, at first thought, no close relation to music at all. Well, I assume they have, like it or not.

One may ask (and some daring visitors do) why the hell I need a モヤっとボール on my keyboard, if an old chopstick on my sheet-music stand has really the power to make me play at a higher level and if my old Hello Kitty pick truly makes me a better guitarist. And the answer is invariably yes. Yes, a chopstick, a Kitty pick and a モヤっとボール, if they don’t necessary replace hours of practice in terms of virtuosity (something that’s stranger to me anyway), surely have the power to shake the magma of my inspiration and lead me to produce something more exciting, dangerous and slightly more outrageous than if I had been forced to create in a clean, white and neat room.


Those rock-star’s little helpers also include the fluffy chair, the warm strong black coffee or the 70° shot of absinth, the old outdated heavy wooden synthesizer bought during my high-school days, the bass guitar strings coming directly from Ôita-city or the painting of Breughel (well, it’s a copy) facing me every time I sit.

Some rude pals come and say “Hey Snowcat, you collect so much stuff. Why don’t you collect experiences instead? Uh?

Because the stuff that I collect is an experience in itself. Amen.

I love stuff that is soaked in history, memories and obscure meanings. Practical people see it as stuff, things that waste useful space, while I see and feel it as a connection with something bigger. And I love it.

Mardi Gras

Actually, I was born on Mardi Gras day. Yes, I guess it’s (a part of) the explanation.
Objects quickly pass from the status of mere stuff to the more responsible one of gris-gris, or lucky charm. Which explains why I need them around. They connect me. They bring me luck and inspiration, since they came from strong experiences. Gris-gris, not stuff.

Yellow & Pink Voodoo Dolls

I was born on Mardi Gras day, and that very moment influenced dramatically whatever happened since that day. And mostly for the best.
I can’t explain better than in music. I asked my gris-gris to take me somewhere once again, and two songs came straight out of it.

May you live the experience as strongly as I did. Listen to the single in streaming and if you want to own it, buy it through CD Baby or Bandcamp (more expensive but the complete artwork is offered as present). And in a matter of days it will spread its evil spells on Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, Deezer and other music online supermarkets. Welcome to Mardi Gras Station!

ps: the single features hallucinated contributions of Sébastien Bournier from Sousbock and Renato Ronchetti from Cinnamon Lilly.



『別府NIGHTS』 was released on 15th of December, 2006. 10 years ago. Besides making it now available on Bandcamp, Gilles Snowcat leaked a few laconic comments on what many still see as his masterpiece, and some rare pictures of what was nurturing the creation of those 5 unique pieces of music.

There’s a double truth about rock stars: they all want to find their musical DNA. And they all fall in a deep, consuming love for Japan once they step inside the Rising Sun for the first time.

Waiting for the evening. (別府市)

Let’s take David Bowie. He always admitted having found his musical DNA with his so-called Berlin era. And he fell in love with Japan, to the point of finding some shelter there.

What’s the link with Gilles Snowcat? Obviously, it’s even stronger: he found his musical DNA in Japan. Precisely: “There’s a span of time, let’s say, when all the good witches were suddenly very present, very awake, and they were like saying Go ahead, little Cat, write songs and they’ll be good, very good.”

Blue is the prelude of the night. (別府市)

That span can be seen as from the Autumn 2001 till early 2016, but Snowcat gives a more focussed explanation:

“It really started with the Cà Phê & Pizza song, I don’t know but something strange happened, it was a feeling that something new has just arrived. You could feel the air was carrying some magic, not sissy magic but some spell, some bewitching…”

When there’s rock, there’s fuel. (別府市)

After all, wasn’t Gilles born on Mardi Gras day? This inspirational trance led to a bunch of great releases, including the most seminal, Beppu Nights, making the news 10 years after its release.

Make the news like 10 years ago… and 10% discount ’till 1st of January 2017 if you buy Beppu Nights and type the secret code ILOVEJAPAN.

More visual memories from that enchanted era -when you reach a point and know that whatever you’ll do next, you’re in and there’s no turning back and that’s the thrill of it all. That’s Japan. That was in 2006. And still in 2016. Merry Xmas and have a shockingly great year 2017.

Blur is the night. (大分市)

The train was leaving at some point. (小倉市)

Gilles Snowcat, somehow under heavy fascination. (別府市)

Lust for life, life for lust. (京都)

Creatures of the night. (東京)

Cats DO rock. (小倉市)

Limousines in waiting for some ageing rock star. (熊本市)

Another city, another night, another river, another high. (京都)

Leather and old trains. (大分市)

Addicted to the mighty 餅. (別府市)

Yet another city. (大阪???)

Another rock star pleasure. (大分市)

Colours of the night are like a siren’s song to rock children. (東京)

Snorting Santa

There was a time, not so long ago, Christmas happily rhymed with snow. We didn’t need to dream of anything white, for it came every year at an almost regular moment.
Well it was years ago, and 2016 doesn’t seem to want to bring the holy flakes. Why? There’s a reason.
Discover the brutal truth in Gilles Snowcat’s new Xmas song Snorting Santa’s Got A Screw Loose. Yes, it’s out!

Hey! Special Xmas presents from Gilles Snowcat! Download “Snorting Santa” and you receive:
– one free amazing bonus karaoke song!
– the lyrics sheet
– the artwork in HQ
– and of course the single (2 songs)

And you know what? Type the secret code and you get 50% discount! (only available for members of Gilles Snowcat’s Secret Club and subscribers of Gilles’ Fan Page)

“Snorting Santa” and your presents are available here. And nowhere else.

Download it now, listen to it millions of times so you’ll be ready on Xmas eve to sing it, dance to it, drink to it, get high to it and make love to it. Then Santa can leave some presents on the table and life’s good.

Merry Xmas? Merry Xmas.

Gilles Snowcat 2001

Gilles Snowcat’s criminal record?

Party In Lyceum’s Toilets, the massive double CD from Awaken released in 2001, is a criminal record in its own special way: it follows you all through your life and career, everywhere you go. Whatever you do, you’ll be constantly reminded of that very past deed, compared to it and most surprisingly: blamed of the fact that you don’t do it anymore. Gloomy crimes bring unexpected prestige.


Shit into gold

Art is very forgiving field: your technical flaws turn into strengths with the magic wand of time. Shit becomes gold. What was hated is worshiped like a god coming on Earth. Hence the cult status earned with little efforts by uncountable records and artists that were generating nothing but contempt at the time of activity.

Awaken live 2001

The sessions were intense but quite far from the excitement of later Awaken / Snowcat albums. PiLT (as it is often nicknamed) comes from a delicate mix of gloom, coldness, industrial suburbs landscaped, quiet desperation and the paradox of building a wall around oneself yet wanting nothing else than shattering it to dust.
This throbbing mal-de-vivre pours from every note of the 140 minutes that overfill the quadruple album (2CD worthing 4 vinyl albums), and that’s precisely why it still appeals to lost teenagers, carrying that indescribable spleen from classroom to the usual stinky toilets of their high-school.



The sessions that resulted in PiLT have kept three pieces that couldn’t make it on the album, for a very practical and boring matter of timing.
The first one, “Dream Shapes On A Night Movie“, fell out of place once last-minute songs were suddenly completed.
Then “Still Today / I’m Nine“, that was planned to be the interlude of side 4, the 1988 songs freshly re-recorded for the occasion. This being said, that side 4 shows to what extent the 1988 songs, full of lust, power and romanticism, weren’t matching the PiLT jaded mood.
Talking about “Electric Time“, two versions were recorded and without surprise, it’s the most Awaken-ish one that was kept for the CD. This very one isn’t better or worse, it’s simply… different. A taste of the 80’s in a world where shine was absent from the process.

Gilles Snowcat 2001

Not that PiLT was a lifeless album, far from it. It’s just that many things happened for the wrong reasons, like walking on thin ice just to realise when it breaks you only find a devouring quicksand sucking you as strongly as you try to escape.


Teenagers getting old

PiLT was the result of teenagers getting old, which is the worse that can happen to them. Once you open your eyes, either you die, or you get back to lust, astonishment and hunger to live. Luckily, the releases that came the next 15 years from then were back to be made of that sexy, lubricious and neon-lit never-get-old adventurous stuff.

Listen and get your own copy of the PiLT Sessions outtakes here.

The sessions of Gilles Snowcat’s Nama Time brought unexpected consequences in the picture. Side effects, should we say.

Album opener “Continental Breakfast”’s bassist Axel Dumont (aka Mister Dumont) and guitarist Ian Rigillo (aka Fusian) somehow decided, for no reason that we know, to infuriate Gilles Snowcat (aka Gilles Snowcat) by covering his “Yanagigaura”, and shortening it to a radio edit, by removing two thirds of its initial substance. Some were sent to jail for lesser offenses.

Gianax, "Pass The Pill"

In the process, they shamelessly asked Snowcat to be part of it, an invitation he obviously reluctantly accepted, after much time spent more on negotiations than anything else.

The joke eventually evolved into an EP where each musician would have a song of his surgically butchered by the other two, without his consent on the final result, this goes without saying.

Fusian and Snowcat chose Mister Dumont’s “Jungle House”, while Dumont and Snowcat dismantled Fusian’s “Jungle Jazzin’” (no jungle pun intended).

Guests came around, and doctors brought some interesting results, and all this you can discover on Gianax’s main page

Some CD copies are on the way to collectors, so be alert and come back to check the Night Cats Lounge every now and then.

Gianax, Pass The Pill, 3 songs + 3 bonus tracks, available on CD Baby.


Lady in bed (courtesy of

Can you come sing in my bedroom?”. Oh sure she had had a *few* drinks, yet her offer was a nice icebreaker.

I had just left the small stage to join the audience for a refreshing glass of anything with ice cubes, and that lady was obviously keen on hiring yours truly for an impromptu bedroom concert.

After some unsurprising banter about the alleged similarity between my voice and Lou Reed’s ‘insecure baritone’, she showed me the screen of her gadget called smartphone that just captured with a poor quality my performance given two minutes beforehand. Needless to say I was rather horrified by how an over-expensive machine can destroy the very essence of a live performance, but she didn’t seem to care whatsoever. She quickly disappeared in the crowd and I didn’t think of it anymore. I had to deal with someone else who wanted to chit-chat about how strangely my vocal cords were similar (following her) to someone named Tom Waits. That sense of déjà-vu wasn’t due to my newly opened bottle of absinthe…

The previous demoiselle came back, after having obviously ordered some complementary glasses, and before she could reiterate her request in front of my lovely girl who joined me since then, I assured her that I was thinking of releasing a live album and would be delighted to sign a CD for her when it’s released, to replace her lousy smartphone recording. Her reply surprised me:

– “I don’t like live albums. I feel I’m not part of it. I’m just a fly on the wall, ‘cause the band doesn’t sing for me. They sing for the audience who was there at that moment. A live album is just cold news for me.

Now that was quite thought-breaking! Me the fan of live albums and bootlegs, I never considered that fact. She continued:

– “I don’t give a shit about your live album, Gilles, unless you only sing for me. I’m waiting for the live album that makes me feel it’s sung for me only.

She moaned as a Latino alpha male was approaching with eyes that could kill a T-Rex in a glimpse, and it didn’t take more than a second to understand he was the Mr Right of the drunken lady. She followed him with a sudden aura of submission and I secretly prayed that she wouldn’t mention him her idea of having me singing in her bedroom.

Yet, her wish of having a live record that’s been sung just for her made me brainstorm although the combination of absinthe, my baby and the late hour wouldn’t push me to.

It’s only the morning after, enjoying the strongest Vietnamese coffee in front of my old organ trying to distort a blues scale the most Snowcat-way, that the solution popped-up and blew my mind.
Instead of recording some live performances in front of an audience and sharing the result afterwards, why not recording the live shit in a totally empty space with each and every fan in mind, and offer them the album as a very personal gift?
Not only this would be a more unique way to share a precious live performance, but also, let’s be honest, it would avoid the dreadful sound, the faux-départs, the glitches and the vocal whims that are so human on a stage but so annoying on a record?

So in July, when you were all sunbathing in some overcrowded Spanish beach deafened by fashionable DJ’s worst tastes of music, I gathered a few bad cats and we invested a lovely place in an artistic place of Brussels, the Composers’ Studio, and one two three we recorded everything on the spot. Oh sure there’s the lot of unexpected stuff and even glitches and unrequited laughter, but isn’t it what makes a live album worth its price?
And if you really don’t like live albums, even in your cosy bedroom, well we’re included a brand new studio song that we recorded in some extra time.
I don’t know what happened to the drunken chick and her protective salsa dancing boyfriend, but I’d be forever grateful to her for solving my live problem obsession and my need to release a successor to the ubiquitous “Moko Moko Collection” in just a few hours. She might never know about it, but it’s now you who’ll benefit of something unique, intimate and kinky. Are you tantalized or a little scared? Be careful of what a drunken lady wishes, it might all come true. And it’ll give your ego more pleasure time.

Gilles Snowcat, September 2, 2015

Release in Autumn 2015 by it’s Oh! MUSIC. Keep connected for the best kept secrets about the album.

You, as do the most faithful fans of Gilles Snowcat, often wait for the sunset to have turned into a starry, sometimes cloudy, coffee-dark night to push the play button and let Gilles Snowcat’s love songs after dark fill the room.


You look at the golden beverage that awaits you to drink it, can it be whisky or some other kind of spirit.

The night will most likely turn to be in night satin… Life is so short and temptation is so close…

A night like this is, as to quote old clichés, is a night that you wish would never end.
Yet it does. The sun comes back (providing the clouds allow him to), caressing your sleepy eyes, trying to make you forget what happened just a few hours before.


A night to remember

Morning is no more the time for Snowcat’s love songs after dark. You promise yourself you won’t be tempted anymore when evening comes. You fell into temptation, into the overuse of a dirty little guilty pleasure.

However, as the coffee pours its magic drops in your cup, something draws you to commit the sin again. It’s breakfast time, and you already need your dose. Long before dark. You got it. “Continental Breakfast“, a song that already carries its load of nefarious rumours and questions.

Gilles Snowcat's very own idea of a continental breakfast...

Gilles Snowcat’s very own idea of a continental breakfast…

According to who knows best, “Continental Breakfast” is a demo mysteriously leaking from sessions of the long-awaited forthcoming record from Gilles (ooh really? Holy shit, this really going to happen?).

Why is “Continental Breakfast” published almost officially is yet to be explained, though some high-powers may have more pressure than we may think. Perhaps…
Whatever it is said, “Continental Breakfast” is available on a rather unique version, something you should treasure.

And if you wonder why it is sold 2,99 dollars instead of the regular price for other Snowcat songs, the reason is plain simple: one has to feed the musicians playing on the next album. And there’s no mystery here: the better they’re fed / paid, the better they play. Ditch the myth of starving artists who produce their best!

So if you enjoyed “Continental Breakfast“, could we gently but firmly ask you to buy your own copy? (PayPal makes it friendly) You’ll contribute to keep the band satisfied. And… productive. At the end of the day, it’s your own pleasure that will be enhanced. As good as… a breakfast with Gilles Snowcat.

from the Night Cats, 05/05/2015.

ps: On a technical side:

Cinnamon Lilly

Continental Breakfast” is one of the songs coming from the songwriting collaboration between Gilles Snowcat and Cinnamon Lilly‘s Grand Leader Renato Ronchetti.



The Green Fairy mix comes from a series of demo recordings that clearly deserve their Green Fairy title… You’ll figure out why. You know best.


Link to the demo version (and buy your very own copy):

Gilles Snowcat’s main site: