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Shoppers have a tendency to get crazy, stomach full of butterflies, twice a year, in a period they call the Sales (les Soldes, if you like).

What’s left available by the early goers, who queued in front of the dealers (the most appropriate word in the case of heavy addiction) usually from 5 pm the day before the opening, is not necessary lower on value and the discount that sometimes reaches 90% off is something no one really loathes.

The thing is that now everyone expects sales on any item, not necessarily prestigious handbags, high-heels shoes and boobs-showing night dresses. Expensive cars, fine liquors and night satin-infused underground rock are in the list. There isn’t much I can do about the Rolls Royce or the Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Edition, but I think I still have some power to offer you something on the music side.

I offer you a crazy 70% off but you have to be nuts too, it’s the least I expect from my fans. I won’t allow you to buy a single here and an EP there. No, you’ve got to buy a mere total of 27 releases, the ones that are currently on Bandcamp. Think big or go home listening to music for normal people.

OK, I can hear you think out loud: “27 records? Holy shit, you think I have that amount of money on my poor credit card?”

Hey dummy, I told you it was 70% off. The 27 releases are yours for less than 30 €, got it? It was almost reaching 100 bucks and now you just pay 1/3 and it’s yours, no bullshit, no lie, just great music for your ears and everything.

“How come you’re so generous, Mr Cat?” you may mumble in disbelief.

Simply it’s not that I’m generous, it’s just that I’m fed up hearing complaints of lazy bastards who don’t want to pay too much for great music. So instead of letting them miss good stuff or stealing it, I take 9 days when I let them (and you, if you dare to enjoy the offer) buy for a third of the price. But after 17th of January, the offer disappears and once it’s gone, it’s gone.

How to do? Go on Gilles Snowcat’s Bandcamp page and choose any release (it doesn’t matter which one). Click on it and you’ll see an option FULL DIGITAL DISCOGRAPHY:


Click on it and here you are:


The job’s yours now.

Please note that this 70% discount is only valid on buying the whole Bandcamp discography at once, a total of 76 songs and 9 bonus tracks in 27 releases (singles, EP’s and albums). The price of 29,47€ instead of 98,23 only runs from 9th to 17th of January, 2017 on Releases on Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby and similar online shops are not included.

Offre uniquement valable à l’achat en une fois de la discographie complète sur Bandcamp, comprenant 27 singles / EP’s / albums, soit un total de 76 chansons et 9 bonus pour un prix de 29,47€ au lieu de 98,23 (70% de ristourne). Offre valide du 9 au 17 janvier 2017 inclus on Les disques vendus sur Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby et magasins équivalents ne sont pas repris dans l’offre.

And then? Let the music play!


The making-of "Electric Time" from September to December 1988

Fans have a curious mind. They’re the first to want to dig in the shit of their beloved artists. Therefore, the old Awaken tapes “Numb…”, “Phase II: Scrappy”, “Awaken III: Blurp!” and Gilles Snowcat’s solo tape “Zéro Sur Dix : Encore Raté !” are auctioned at crazy amounts that can reach the price of a small car in a flash.

Gilles Snowcat’s solo tape “Zéro Sur Dix : Encore Raté!” and Awaken's “Awaken III: Blurp!”

Gilles Snowcat’s solo tape “Zéro Sur Dix : Encore Raté !” and Awaken’s “Awaken III: Blurp!

Not that it’s bad, but most of those tapes didn’t stand the test of times physically speaking. The hiss is sometimes covering the whole music and the tape itself is sadly easy to cut itself in modern cassette players.
In a bold move, Gilles Snowcat decided to let those relics be available in a faithful mp3 copy with the whole booklet (except for “Numb…” that definitely lost its graphics). In addition, some even more intimate bits like the making-of “Electric Time” (Autumn – Winter 1988) will also make a brief appearance in your lucky ears.

The making-of "Electric Time" from September to December 1988

The making-of “Electric Time” from September to December 1988

The tapes can be listened only for members of Gilles Snowcat’s Private Club.

When you get out of bed and the first thing that your numb feet meet is another bunch of magnetic tapes, you know it’s time either to become tidier and throw the unwanted plastic, or to take a few hours of your precious life to listen to your own lost recordings and decide what to do with them, if possible a little money.

The first solution being quite far from my natural messy inspirations, I decided to let my narcissistic nature to give my ears a bunch of my own art and, as I said, make the important decision to publish what could match my beloved fans’ taste.

To say there’s a lot would be an understatement. There’s a lot of unreleased, rare, released-but-not-available-anymore, forgotten live and other shameful demo’s that I for some had completely forgotten probably for a reason that I however can’t remember.

To release them all in a kind of box-set wouldn’t make much sense, let’s face it: there’s more waste than gems. Lovely waste for my memories, wastes that carry sweet hazy drunken memories (those early “Four Dreams Suite” bits, just to name some), but that sometimes shouldn’t leave the comfort of the tapes where they’ve been recorded.

Rare Grooves

So I simply got the divine inspiration of releasing the selected ones little-by-little, under the shape of a series of EP’s that would simply be “Gilles Snowcat’s Rare Grooves”. How many volumes will there be in total, I don’t know and it doesn’t matter actually. The first selection of rarities is now out, it’s called “Gilles Snowcat’s Rare Grooves -volume 1: Intercity Course”.

The volume 1 features 4 tracks: a new piece, a live song, a new mix of an old thing and something to relax. This stunning set comes at a price here.



( )

In the midst of the storm following the release of « Nama Time » a few weeks ago, the celebrations of “Tales Of Acid Ice Cream”’s 20th birthday were deliberately buried into an ocean of mud and dirt by the feline high-powers. However, some still favour this now old Awaken release.

What’s the connection?
Proud owners of “Mokomoko Collection” and “Nama Time” might not all be concerned by Snowcat’s white-wall recordings, as he now calls his work of the 90’s, and no one could blame them of that lack of interest.

Tales Of Acid Ice Cream

Tales Of Acid Ice Cream, the well-loved misfit

On the other hand, there’s still that handful of nostalgic freaks who danced their ass off, got high or cured their manic depression (all for the worse in the latter case) listening to the beats of that very CD. Those die-hard fans are not surprisingly quite resistant to Snowcat’s own faves like “Beppu Nights”, “This Mouth” or “Nama Time”.

Released in early January of 1996, “Tales Of Acid Ice Cream” features the team that Snowcat had gathered little by little since earlier days, bassist and mentor Ced Mattys (1988), vocalist P’tit Bout (1989), backing vocalist Gina Mainardi (1992), additional keyboardist Aurélia Thirion (1993) and lead guitarist Yves Larivierre (1994). Add to this accordionist (and mentor –again) Vincent Trouble (1988) and freshly invited violinist Philippe Tasquin, you get the illusion of a growing band who spent time together and grew a strong unit through the years. This was ToAIC’s first misunderstanding that cooled the most innocent of newcomers.

Friends won’t be friends
The then Awaken was far from being a band, let alone a bunch of friends. The embarrassing lack of democracy was palpable since the first notes of “Nursery Nymph”, showing a strong dominance from synthesizers and other Gilles Snowcat-controlled machines over musicians and acoustic instruments. This led to a sound that was heavily rejected by many, and paradoxically adopted and worshiped by a more ‘destroy’ part of the population. Some were so fed up with the guitar-dominated grunge and Brit-pop that they jumped in the Acid Ice Cream wagon without too much hesitation. To this day, those who survived are still genuinely faithful to that era. Is love blind? Some perplexing points like the lack of unity as a band, the over packed music (those tiring 70 minutes), the clumsy vocal interventions of Snowcat and the dictatorship of digital synthesizers don’t seem to be much of a drawback for those lovely (now) grown-up punks. On the contrary. Recently, WARR Records Reviews described it as “Off-key, off-tempo electronica, but I like the pensive pop “Numbness Of Highlights.” And even Al Stewart and Glenn Hughes didn’t hide some interest in the record (that features a cover of their songs, this has to be said)

ToAIC signed by Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple)

ToAIC signed by Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple)

Still, ToAIC still features its lot of attractiveness: some stunning soulful vocals from P’tit Bout, clever violin touch from Philippe Tasquin, beautiful accordion layers from Vincent Trouble, a moving bass line from Ced Mattys and, let’s not forget the immaculate sound of the one who kept the thing together through almost inhuman patience, the sound master ‘Magic’ Fred Scalliet.

Underground cult, as they say.
Benefiting from its status of cult album and scarcity (500 pieces only have been printed and released), “Tales Of Acid Ice Cream” is sold from 70 to 150 euros following its state and the amount of interest from the buyer. This is sometimes repellent for broke music lovers, add to that fact that there’s no streaming version anywhere. Therefore, we decided to sell 3 pieces of “Tales Of Acid Ice Cream” for a mere 50 euros. This offer will last until 14th of February 2016 included but hey, it’s only 3 pieces, don’t expect them to be available forever.

To seize the opportunity, email with “Tales Of Acid Ice Cream -20” as subject line. Further details will be provided to you. Sounds exciting, uh?

ToAIC’s track listing:

01) NURSERY NYMPH (G.Snowcat)
03) a- 1000 DAYS OF YESTERDAYS -INTRO- (R.Evans/B.Caldwell)
04) SLEEP POSITION # 68 (G.Snowcat)

08) DOOM ENTRY (G.Snowcat)
09) a- I AM LOVE (M.Larson/J.Marcellino/D.Fenceton/FH.Rancifer)
b- RESCUE (M.Mann/M.Rogers)
10) a- WELCOME TO THE ‘HOUSE X’ (G.Snowcat)

12) SPIRITS OF 1983 (G.Snowcat)
13) a- THIS TIME AROUND (G.Hughes/J.Lord)
b- BLIND (J.Lord)
c- OWED TO ‘G’ (T.Bolin)
14) A SIMPLE LOVE (G.Snowcat)

16) ZLURP (A.Thirion/G.Snowcat)
17) NOTHING COULD BE GOOD (B.Gibb/R.Gibb/M.Gibb/A.Galuten)
18) THIN CRASH VIRUS (G.Snowcat)
20) STILL ALIVE (M.Vernon/B.Bowersock/P.Juvet)


You, as do the most faithful fans of Gilles Snowcat, often wait for the sunset to have turned into a starry, sometimes cloudy, coffee-dark night to push the play button and let Gilles Snowcat’s love songs after dark fill the room.


You look at the golden beverage that awaits you to drink it, can it be whisky or some other kind of spirit.

The night will most likely turn to be in night satin… Life is so short and temptation is so close…

A night like this is, as to quote old clichés, is a night that you wish would never end.
Yet it does. The sun comes back (providing the clouds allow him to), caressing your sleepy eyes, trying to make you forget what happened just a few hours before.


A night to remember

Morning is no more the time for Snowcat’s love songs after dark. You promise yourself you won’t be tempted anymore when evening comes. You fell into temptation, into the overuse of a dirty little guilty pleasure.

However, as the coffee pours its magic drops in your cup, something draws you to commit the sin again. It’s breakfast time, and you already need your dose. Long before dark. You got it. “Continental Breakfast“, a song that already carries its load of nefarious rumours and questions.

Gilles Snowcat's very own idea of a continental breakfast...

Gilles Snowcat’s very own idea of a continental breakfast…

According to who knows best, “Continental Breakfast” is a demo mysteriously leaking from sessions of the long-awaited forthcoming record from Gilles (ooh really? Holy shit, this really going to happen?).

Why is “Continental Breakfast” published almost officially is yet to be explained, though some high-powers may have more pressure than we may think. Perhaps…
Whatever it is said, “Continental Breakfast” is available on a rather unique version, something you should treasure.

And if you wonder why it is sold 2,99 dollars instead of the regular price for other Snowcat songs, the reason is plain simple: one has to feed the musicians playing on the next album. And there’s no mystery here: the better they’re fed / paid, the better they play. Ditch the myth of starving artists who produce their best!

So if you enjoyed “Continental Breakfast“, could we gently but firmly ask you to buy your own copy? (PayPal makes it friendly) You’ll contribute to keep the band satisfied. And… productive. At the end of the day, it’s your own pleasure that will be enhanced. As good as… a breakfast with Gilles Snowcat.

from the Night Cats, 05/05/2015.

ps: On a technical side:

Cinnamon Lilly

Continental Breakfast” is one of the songs coming from the songwriting collaboration between Gilles Snowcat and Cinnamon Lilly‘s Grand Leader Renato Ronchetti.



The Green Fairy mix comes from a series of demo recordings that clearly deserve their Green Fairy title… You’ll figure out why. You know best.


Link to the demo version (and buy your very own copy):

Gilles Snowcat’s main site:

In a past life, Awaken released an album called “Party in Lyceum’s Toilets“, which featured, amongst other cult songs, a version of “Jazzy”, a cute tune written by ex-Metropolis pianist Renaud Lhoest. One of the last days of December 2014, Renaud Lhoest passed away.

GS: “He wasn’t exactly a friend, and this is an understatement to say that I didn’t have any kind of contact with the guy on more than 20 years, but I’ll always be grateful for his help and kindness (and patience) with the young and hesitating Snowcat that I was back in 1988 (a very good year, it was). He then just had released a demo tape, “Les Vacances de Julie”, that ran over and over on my magic Radio-Shack cassette player, in order to steal an idea or two, which I somehow managed. Somehow.

Renaud Lhoest, demo circa. 1987

The tape was brought to me by his then bass player, Ced Mattys, who later ended to play on an album of mine. It was worth 150 Bef (a rough 4 euros and 50 cents now), that I actually never paid.”

He later became an overbooked arranger, composer and violinist playing with a variety of artists from obscure Belgian acts to the likes of Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. Call it a huge wingspan.

May Renaud Lhoest have a drink with John Bonham up-there and ask him what he thought of that fake-Zeppelin incarnation. But that’s another story.

Listen to Renaud Lhoest’s own music

Listen to Awaken’s take on “Jazzy”

Lhoest demo

Whatever the Devils wears (or doesn’t), love songs always taste better after dark.

A glass of that perfect liquor, some stars shining from the window and a fluffy bed, it all starts with a kiss… or with a song.

The Devil Wears Pajamas

The volume 1 sets the mood. And almost as secretly as a love affair, it is offered to you as a special present, this until 9th of May, 2014. The Devil offers the first dose, as always. Addiction comes later. Cure never shows.

You now only need to download the file here, including the 3 infectious songs and the artwork. We can’t provide the liquor –Snowcat drank it all.


“I especially like the n°7!”
“Will you play number seven on your concert?”
“Your albums sucks but hey the 7 is quite OK”

That lucky 7 was a song on the “Tales Of Acid Ice Cream” album, the seventh track exactly, hence the laziness of then fans who did tend to forget that their beloved song had an actual title: “Memories Of A Teenage Cat”. And this month of March, the Teenage Cat’s turns 25.

Written on the spot on a cold day of January 1989 in some random gloomy parts of the city, “Memories of a Teenage Cat” appeared quickly to be the generator of many misunderstandings. Born a rough no-future urban song, it was often mistaken for a hit-wannabe ballad, to the composer’s mix of despair and amusement.
In March of that strange year 1989, two months after the song had been written, the mood still looked like the after party of the shining “Four Dreams Suite” and its lose-your-mind follow-up “Electric Time”. A dirty room, empty bottles under a however promising spring sun.

Memories of a Teenage Cat

Hiring the invaluable service of keyboardist Vincent Trouble, Snowcat arrogantly refused to play the keyboards, leaving Mr. Trouble with the task of arranging, playing, producing, engineering and making the coffee. Eventually Trouble convinced Snowcat that some parts should be played by the writerhimself, which did cost him more cups of caffeine-infused beverage.

Long before the dominating ‘magnificent 27’ (the 27 songs released from « Cà Phê & Pizza” and “Mokomoko Collection”), Awaken fans used to express some preference for “Memories of a Teenage Cat”.
Along with Awaken’s cover of Al Stewart’s “Last Days of the Century”, “Memories of a Teenage Cat” was the most-wanted tune of the era, overshadowing some equally or more important releases, causing Snowcat to shy away to performing the minor hit.
From 1989 to 2001, none less than 5 studio recordings were available (legally or not), with various singers and other performers. It’s only in the summer of 2013 that “Memories of a Teenage Cat” had been unexpectedly and briefly brought back to life during a jam featuring members of the MokoMoko Orchestra.

Don’t expect to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the teenage cat with a suddenly-coming-from-nowhere from the vaults version nor a collection of pictures of the places that created the spark that made the song nor the list of what Snowcat ate and drank that very day of 1989. Don’t expect the unavoidable special package all-versions-for-only-9,99USD nor any useless remaster with a little bit more of this and a lot less of that.
Only expect the best: the original 1989 version as it was.



In waiting to celebrate 25 more years…

Known recorded versions of “Memories of a Teenage Cat”:

-01/1989: writing session, piano / voice. Unavailable;
-03/1989: original studio recording. Available;
-03/1993: “Numb…” demo tape. Out of print;
-01/1996: “Tales of Acid Ice Cream” cd album. Available on collector item;
-07/1998: rehearsal recording. Unavailable;
-11/2001: B-side version. Available.

There’s also a cover done by Sousbock, around 2002 or so.

Xmas 2013

Where are the sleigh bells? Not here. But it is a Xmas single.


… Julie “Cunégonde” Absil, Paul G., Gilles Snowcat, Amy Kay and Jenny Quinn set fire in Woluwé’s venue, Le Gué, formerly known as La Ferme V -yep, that very one that welcomed an early show of Genesis back in the 70’s. And exactly 15 years before the 19/09/2013 show in Forest.

19 09 1998