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『別府NIGHTS』 was released on 15th of December, 2006. 10 years ago. Besides making it now available on Bandcamp, Gilles Snowcat leaked a few laconic comments on what many still see as his masterpiece, and some rare pictures of what was nurturing the creation of those 5 unique pieces of music.

There’s a double truth about rock stars: they all want to find their musical DNA. And they all fall in a deep, consuming love for Japan once they step inside the Rising Sun for the first time.

Waiting for the evening. (別府市)

Let’s take David Bowie. He always admitted having found his musical DNA with his so-called Berlin era. And he fell in love with Japan, to the point of finding some shelter there.

What’s the link with Gilles Snowcat? Obviously, it’s even stronger: he found his musical DNA in Japan. Precisely: “There’s a span of time, let’s say, when all the good witches were suddenly very present, very awake, and they were like saying Go ahead, little Cat, write songs and they’ll be good, very good.”

Blue is the prelude of the night. (別府市)

That span can be seen as from the Autumn 2001 till early 2016, but Snowcat gives a more focussed explanation:

“It really started with the Cà Phê & Pizza song, I don’t know but something strange happened, it was a feeling that something new has just arrived. You could feel the air was carrying some magic, not sissy magic but some spell, some bewitching…”

When there’s rock, there’s fuel. (別府市)

After all, wasn’t Gilles born on Mardi Gras day? This inspirational trance led to a bunch of great releases, including the most seminal, Beppu Nights, making the news 10 years after its release.

Make the news like 10 years ago… and 10% discount ’till 1st of January 2017 if you buy Beppu Nights and type the secret code ILOVEJAPAN.

More visual memories from that enchanted era -when you reach a point and know that whatever you’ll do next, you’re in and there’s no turning back and that’s the thrill of it all. That’s Japan. That was in 2006. And still in 2016. Merry Xmas and have a shockingly great year 2017.

Blur is the night. (大分市)

The train was leaving at some point. (小倉市)

Gilles Snowcat, somehow under heavy fascination. (別府市)

Lust for life, life for lust. (京都)

Creatures of the night. (東京)

Cats DO rock. (小倉市)

Limousines in waiting for some ageing rock star. (熊本市)

Another city, another night, another river, another high. (京都)

Leather and old trains. (大分市)

Addicted to the mighty 餅. (別府市)

Yet another city. (大阪???)

Another rock star pleasure. (大分市)

Colours of the night are like a siren’s song to rock children. (東京)

When jazz-rock guitar ace Ian Rigillo and nu-jazz bass-hero Axel Dumont asked a reluctant Gilles Snowcat to join forces with them on the Gianax project, little did they know that they’d have to deal with some of his most unbearable ego-driven rock star antics, erratic behavior and embarrassing lack of commitment. And that was for the bright side.


Gianax. From left to right: Ian Rigillo, Axel Dumont, Susant Bista and Gilles Snowcat.

In for a penny, in for a pound, the dysfunctional booze-fueled trio successfully teamed with Nepalese pop star Susant Bista and after a few months of tensions, fights and unrestricted creativity, the EP “Pass the Pill” saw the light of day.

Gianax, "Pass The Pill"

Gianax, “Pass The Pill”.

Having been forced to cancel their long-awaited first concert due to a last minute whim from (not surprisingly) Gilles Snowcat, who all of a sudden decided he would have to be paid to rehearse, Gianax was on the verge of imploding and call it quits, when the good news broke on a clear morning: Gianax was featured on the prestigious KR-Magazine, the monthly bible for home-studio freaks and pros of the geekest side of music business.

It’s Ian Rigillo’s piece “Jungle Jazzin” that had been chosen to be included on KR Mag’s CD, “Découvertes 2016”.


Will this welcome sign of success convince Snowcat to stop fucking up the band’s future? Why don’t you make your own opinion by ordering your copy of KR Mag here?

And for your weary ears, Gianax’ EP “Pass the Pill” is still available at CD Baby or Gilles Snowcat’s Shopping Mall.


KR découvertes 2016 : C’est ici et nulle part ailleurs !

No need to read. No need to watch. Just sit, relax or lay in bed with a glass of your favourite drink, look at the stars and press play. This the unexpected chilling time that you secretly expected. Welcome to Yanagigaura ( 柳ケ浦 )


In the striking Autumn of 2008, Mr Snowcat had to face the unexpected leak of his very own take on “Watertown”, originally an opus from Mr Frank Sinatra. To his delight, a stunning work on the original LP is now available online, and it’s called “Watertownology“.

And doesn’t have Snowcat nice reddish hair on the video ? (click on the girl to have a proof)

it's Oh! Music 4/2013

United Colours of Yellow Line