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Shoppers have a tendency to get crazy, stomach full of butterflies, twice a year, in a period they call the Sales (les Soldes, if you like).

What’s left available by the early goers, who queued in front of the dealers (the most appropriate word in the case of heavy addiction) usually from 5 pm the day before the opening, is not necessary lower on value and the discount that sometimes reaches 90% off is something no one really loathes.

The thing is that now everyone expects sales on any item, not necessarily prestigious handbags, high-heels shoes and boobs-showing night dresses. Expensive cars, fine liquors and night satin-infused underground rock are in the list. There isn’t much I can do about the Rolls Royce or the Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Edition, but I think I still have some power to offer you something on the music side.

I offer you a crazy 70% off but you have to be nuts too, it’s the least I expect from my fans. I won’t allow you to buy a single here and an EP there. No, you’ve got to buy a mere total of 27 releases, the ones that are currently on Bandcamp. Think big or go home listening to music for normal people.

OK, I can hear you think out loud: “27 records? Holy shit, you think I have that amount of money on my poor credit card?”

Hey dummy, I told you it was 70% off. The 27 releases are yours for less than 30 €, got it? It was almost reaching 100 bucks and now you just pay 1/3 and it’s yours, no bullshit, no lie, just great music for your ears and everything.

“How come you’re so generous, Mr Cat?” you may mumble in disbelief.

Simply it’s not that I’m generous, it’s just that I’m fed up hearing complaints of lazy bastards who don’t want to pay too much for great music. So instead of letting them miss good stuff or stealing it, I take 9 days when I let them (and you, if you dare to enjoy the offer) buy for a third of the price. But after 17th of January, the offer disappears and once it’s gone, it’s gone.

How to do? Go on Gilles Snowcat’s Bandcamp page and choose any release (it doesn’t matter which one). Click on it and you’ll see an option FULL DIGITAL DISCOGRAPHY:


Click on it and here you are:


The job’s yours now.

Please note that this 70% discount is only valid on buying the whole Bandcamp discography at once, a total of 76 songs and 9 bonus tracks in 27 releases (singles, EP’s and albums). The price of 29,47€ instead of 98,23 only runs from 9th to 17th of January, 2017 on Releases on Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby and similar online shops are not included.

Offre uniquement valable à l’achat en une fois de la discographie complète sur Bandcamp, comprenant 27 singles / EP’s / albums, soit un total de 76 chansons et 9 bonus pour un prix de 29,47€ au lieu de 98,23 (70% de ristourne). Offre valide du 9 au 17 janvier 2017 inclus on Les disques vendus sur Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby et magasins équivalents ne sont pas repris dans l’offre.

And then? Let the music play!


We can always count on Kittyちゃん to raise a revolutionDear friends, fans, passing smiles and enemies,

I want to try something new with you.

Every now and then, we hear moaning musicians complaining about the piracy, illegal downloads of their precious creations and lecture daring fans.

However, isn’t it well-known in show biz that “It’s not a problem if 20,000 people have illegally downloaded your new album; it’s a problem if they HAVEN’T!

On the other hand, some artists naively think that everything should be for free, shared without receiving anything in return. They usually end up bitter, playing “The Final Countdown” in any cover-band they’ve just joined, hoping to revive their long-lost dream. Sad.

So why not trying something new and more creative? Do you want to experiment something fresh with me? Would you like to be part of something unique in show-biz with your favorite old Cat?

Here’s what I suggest. You will… hack my music.

“ …” (deafening silence of the crowd)

Whattt?! Hack your work, dear Snowcat?

Yes, you name it. But not exactly the way you might imagine.

Take a deep breath. Let’s go?

Firstly, I kindly but firmly invite you to enjoy “Continental Breakfast”, freshly released from a warm bed, spreading energizing fumes of hot coffee after a night to remember –I leave that one to your imagination.


After all, my love songs after dark have the right to see the morning after…

“Continental Breakfast” is here: , the first song on the list.

Listen to it. Once, twice, one million times. And if your tells you that you like it, buy it. Simply and without fuss. (click on the “$2.99” link and follow the instructions, credit card or PayPal)

As easy as 1-2-3.

Then ? Then here starts your hacker job. Give the song away to 10 of your friends or enemies or whoever you like or hate enough to think they deserve to receive the song.

Send the mp3 file and tell them about the link and ask them to do the same action, with another song of course. They buy it and send to 10 of their contacts. And so on.

The goal here is to create a kind of dynamic, to spread my love songs after dark beyond their usual night bar universe. Let’s bring love to breakfast. Let’s test, experiment, try, spread and live!

Now, if for any mysterious reason you don’t feel like “Continental Breakfast” is the most appropriate to share with your inner circle, nothing prevents you to use the same tactic with any other record of mine. The choice is huge:

I wrote you a rather long letter. I’m grateful, not only for reading till here, but also for contributing to an experience that would prove that music business is not evil. Isn’t the best collaboration between art and business made possible by creativity? I do believe.

Let me know your friends’ reactions, your deep opinion and enjoy that rare opportunity of having a breakfast in bed with Gilles Snowcat. 🙂

Take care and enjoy a meaningful & joyful life

Gilles Snowcat

雪猫ジル ~~~~ Gilles Snowcat  :  怠惰なタレント  ~~~~  ゴロゴロ・音楽家

Sousbock’s close collaboration with visual artist Frank Bizouard led to an interesting idea, to release a video based on the full new album, “Et Puis ?”.
Unlike other conceptual movies released from rock albums, this is a more contemplative, almost meditative relation between illustrations and each song.

More about this album has already been written here.

In 2013…

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…keep on spending your money on Gilles Snowcat’s music. YOU’RE ALIVE and you should always remember that. Let the wine flow, music get you in trance and the rest will be History.

Give my regards to...

And this is the brand new flyer. Add it to your collection.

So, what’s next?