So from now on, the Night Cats Lounge becomes The Many Whiskers Of The Snowcat. I should be honest by admitting that I owe this title to an observation from my good friend mandolinist Bill Bayer, who was commenting about something that I did. What was it I don’t remember, but I always thought I’d have to use that line. There we are.

The Many Whiskers Of The Snowcat

So why that change of title? Well I don’t know, I just felt it would be a good opener for my The Many Albums That Changed My Life (Or At Least Tried To) series of reviews.

I stole the idea (again!) from a famous keyboardist who wrote about 5 lp’s that changed his life. I thought it was a cool thing to do and tried to find 10 records that did the same to me, and ended up with slightly more than that. So I decided to go up to 20, then 30, then 50, then I thought I would just write until I run out of inspiration (which might be sooner than you think).

Basically, you might ask me what’s the real purpose of such posts, to which I’d reply that I don’t know either. Maybe I just want to talk about myself, as any rock musician likes to do, or draw attention to wonderful pieces of music that fans of my albums would like to discover ? Or most likely to attract fans of these records to my own stuff? It doesn’t matter, anyway. These are albums that had a huge influence on my own music, records with a before and an after, songs that I’m grateful to have discovered, whatever you can do with it. Records that I’d recommend you to listen more than mine. Well, almost.

I won’t write detailed reviews, just a few sentences, and I won’t follow any order other than a random inspiration. So don’t expect any alphabetical suite, nor a raking by any criteria. I’ll mention those albums as they come to my memory, nothing else. Feel free to listen to them on Spotify, buy the vinyl version in some flea market or a CD remaster if you’re (un)lucky to find one.

How frequently will I post is unknown to me. Every now and then is the most accurate answer I can give you.

OK, let’s begin with some British theatre, some art and a bit of illusion