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The Many Albums That Changed My Life (Or At Least Tried To)

Every now and then, I write a few words about some albums that had some impact on the music I delightfully create since the holy high school years. Blame it on those records! Today, let’s jump into…

Artist: Twelfth Night | Album: Art & Illusion | Year of release: 1984

Twelfth Night, "Art & Illusion" (1984)

Before becoming a bag of outdated elitist or geek clichés, prog-rock started as a big mix of influences, an idea of a real evolution in music. It is always linked to the 70’s, which sadly puts a veil on some 80’s treasures like this Art & Illusion from Reading band Twelfth Night. This short album conforted me in the evolution of so-called progressive rock, here turning neo-prog.

It features a splendid collection of theatrical rock with (at the time) modern synthesizers, electronic drums and in-your-face almost funky bass guitar. The guitars are not that far from mid-80’s Andy Summers or Trevor Rabin and the songwriting is solid.

The closing song, the drum machine-driven “First New Day”, is a pure gem that surely influenced me to the point that my one of my 1989 songs owed it something. Up to you to find which one.

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