Massage is all about connection. Music too.

Posted: March 5, 2018 in Music
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Going to get a massage is often a wonderful experience. It can be thanks to the technique of the masseuse, or simply the level of connection she puts in her work.

The atmosphere of the salon also plays a big role in the quality of the massage. And the music.

Massage music is almost always quiet, light and slow. Gentle acoustic guitar or piano, with sounds of nature in the background. It helps to set the mood, and to keep it.

However, to stick with those characteristic can be counterproductive. You sometimes feel that the music is, if not like an intruder, at least like it wasn’t really part of the massage.

I wanted to understand how a good, efficient massage music could work. How to make it part of it, not just an addition.

Talking to massage salon owners and workers, I realised they all agreed that the music was either too random, or too cliché, too esotheric. They supported me in creating something they could use to improve the massage for the patient. And also for themselves. After all, isn’t massage a shared experience between the masseuse and the client?

Trance Awaken Massage

After a few trial and error steps, and a test in salons, the first two pieces of Nekokawa Massage were born. Honey Drops Massage is dedicated to full-body massages, especially Chinese ones, when Trance Awake Massage looks more on the Thai, or tantric side of the experience.

The positive reactions show that Nekokawa Massage is on the right track. Therefore, welcome!

You can listen for free as a trial, then buy your HQ version for your salon.

Honey Drops Massage

Share your experiences and sensations with me too! Even better music will come from it…










Trance Awaken Massage

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