The Rock Star Paradox: Gilles’ first eBook is…

Posted: September 21, 2017 in Books, Business / money, News
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… a call to action. The definite eBook for musicians. Available on Kindle here. Or on PDF here. So what? Why should you read The Rock Star Paradox? Who is The Rock Star Paradox for?

The Rock Star Paradox is for you if:

You are a musician and want to take your career to the next level. You know there’s more in life than just playing music, but you don’t know what. Something resonates with you, still you’re clueless. The Rock Star Paradox will open up your eyes and mind to what you didn’t even imagine could exist. You’ll be artistically and mentally bigger, taller and stronger after discovering

You are tired of writing the great songs in your band and see that the girls sleep with the illiterate lead singer. You do the hard work but the reward goes to someone else and you feel it’s unfair. You haven’t assessed your persona yet, and you feel like shit in your own band. Time to switch from insecure musician to confident rock star and show the world who you are and what your work is. The Rock Star Paradox will teach you how to get the credit you deserve.

You play in a cover band, or worse in a tribute band – and you hate it. It’s hard to leave the comfort of your band when you’re scared of the rock star journey? You couldn’t find any better book than The Rock Star Paradox. You’ll understand why tribute / cover bands have nothing to do with rock’n’roll and why staying with them will ruin your rock star career.

You are stuck, paralysed by the paradoxes because you think they are evil. They’re not evil. You have to make them work for you, not against you. This book will not only open your eyes to the actual paradoxes, but also teach you how to use them at your own advantage to the point that you’ll wish there could be more of them in life.

You want fucking money but you don’t feel like working for a fast-food chain or staying in a cubicle listening to lousy jokes from boring colleagues. You’ll learn how to link art and money without feeling like a betrayer. You’ll discover why money is actually your music’s best friend.

You’re curious. You want to understand what the hell happens in rock stars’ mind. Why are they different from the average person? What psychology drives them, what makes them what they are? Everything is explained here in The Rock Star Paradox.

You have a day job. And you wonder how if it’s good or bad for your musical career. The Rock Star Paradox will teach you how to make your job work for your rock star status instead of killing it.

You’re surrounded by unsupportive people. Your family, spouse and friends want you to have a “serious” activity and do their best to destroy your rock star ambitions? But you love them and don’t want to dump them. The Rock Star Paradox has a powerful solution for you. And it will benefit your circle too. Win-win!

You love the author of the book. That’s also a good reason.

You’ve read tons of books on music business. And you haven’t made any realistic move since 15 years. The Rock Star Paradox is not just words, it’s a call to action.

So? It’s here.


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