90% to kill procrastination? You bet it works.

Posted: August 25, 2017 in Business / money, Discount, Music, News
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Dear friends,

summer is preparing to leave space for the ever inspiring month of September. You may be pissed at saying goodbye to your beloved farniente season. That’s why I decided to do something crazy for you. My cute discography on Bandcamp (30 releases) for a mere 10 bucks instead of 106. (??!!)

No need to be a math genius to get it’s 90% off. (!!!!)

Fuck, 90%????

But Gilles, how long will you survive with such a low price?

No idea. That’s precisely why the discount will last until I can’t take it no more.

Understand: I start it today and may remove it tomorrow, or in 2 weeks, or next year, or never, or in October, whatever… You’re not quick enough? You miss it. But how quick is quick enough? It’s just like life itself: you receive every day an amount of time that can be taken back at any moment. It can be within an hour, or in 20 years. It’s life’s greatest uncertainty.

So for fuck’s sake, my discount is not just a discount, it’s an anti-procrastination kick in you ass. Usually, people wait for the last moment of the discount to enjoy it. “Tomorrow’s still OK, why should I buy it now?“, you said. Now you can’t anymore!!! You’d better jump on my Bandcamp page and get that whole discography. Click on any album and then choose “Full digital discography“.

Now I’m getting back to my work of writing my eBook while you enjoy my humble discography. Did I say… “my eBook”?

Oh oh… keep connected. I smell there’s something you will like then…
Thank you for you faithfulness, patience and checks. 🙂


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