SheryL’s thoughts on “Nama Time!♥”

Posted: January 30, 2017 in Japan, Music, Reviews
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When I humbly contribute to my Night Cats Lounge, I’m often tempted to read my followers’ own blog posts too. And I do, following what time is allowing me to read. Amongst my kind followers is a lady named SheryL, living in Japan and sharing her experiences from this country that has, as you know, the most special meaning to me.

Then on a beautiful day of November, she published a delicate, little ambiguous and very touching poem, “Autumn Affair“. It somehow reminded me of the misty romantic atmosphere of Al Stewart’s “End of the Day“, if any comparison was needed.

I became since a frequent reader of SheryL’s Thoughts, and wondered how she would react to my love songs after dark. I then asked her to review “Nama Time!♥”. And the result went ways beyond my expectations. It’s always a pleasure to hear or read impressions by someone who has a real feel for music. And she has. Please be delighted as much as I am by reading her words on my dear Nama Time!♥” album.Sheryl



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