Les soldes (the French word for “sales”)

Posted: January 5, 2017 in Advertising & artwork, Business / money, Collectible, Music, News
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Shoppers have a tendency to get crazy, stomach full of butterflies, twice a year, in a period they call the Sales (les Soldes, if you like).

What’s left available by the early goers, who queued in front of the dealers (the most appropriate word in the case of heavy addiction) usually from 5 pm the day before the opening, is not necessary lower on value and the discount that sometimes reaches 90% off is something no one really loathes.

The thing is that now everyone expects sales on any item, not necessarily prestigious handbags, high-heels shoes and boobs-showing night dresses. Expensive cars, fine liquors and night satin-infused underground rock are in the list. There isn’t much I can do about the Rolls Royce or the Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Edition, but I think I still have some power to offer you something on the music side.

I offer you a crazy 70% off but you have to be nuts too, it’s the least I expect from my fans. I won’t allow you to buy a single here and an EP there. No, you’ve got to buy a mere total of 27 releases, the ones that are currently on Bandcamp. Think big or go home listening to music for normal people.

OK, I can hear you think out loud: “27 records? Holy shit, you think I have that amount of money on my poor credit card?”

Hey dummy, I told you it was 70% off. The 27 releases are yours for less than 30 €, got it? It was almost reaching 100 bucks and now you just pay 1/3 and it’s yours, no bullshit, no lie, just great music for your ears and everything.

“How come you’re so generous, Mr Cat?” you may mumble in disbelief.

Simply it’s not that I’m generous, it’s just that I’m fed up hearing complaints of lazy bastards who don’t want to pay too much for great music. So instead of letting them miss good stuff or stealing it, I take 9 days when I let them (and you, if you dare to enjoy the offer) buy for a third of the price. But after 17th of January, the offer disappears and once it’s gone, it’s gone.

How to do? Go on Gilles Snowcat’s Bandcamp page and choose any release (it doesn’t matter which one). Click on it and you’ll see an option FULL DIGITAL DISCOGRAPHY:


Click on it and here you are:


The job’s yours now.

Please note that this 70% discount is only valid on buying the whole Bandcamp discography at once, a total of 76 songs and 9 bonus tracks in 27 releases (singles, EP’s and albums). The price of 29,47€ instead of 98,23 only runs from 9th to 17th of January, 2017 on https://gillessnowcat.bandcamp.com. Releases on Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby and similar online shops are not included.

Offre uniquement valable à l’achat en une fois de la discographie complète sur Bandcamp, comprenant 27 singles / EP’s / albums, soit un total de 76 chansons et 9 bonus pour un prix de 29,47€ au lieu de 98,23 (70% de ristourne). Offre valide du 9 au 17 janvier 2017 inclus on https://gillessnowcat.bandcamp.com. Les disques vendus sur Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby et magasins équivalents ne sont pas repris dans l’offre.

And then? Let the music play!


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