A breakfast with Gilles Snowcat?

Posted: May 5, 2015 in Collectible, In the studio, Music
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You, as do the most faithful fans of Gilles Snowcat, often wait for the sunset to have turned into a starry, sometimes cloudy, coffee-dark night to push the play button and let Gilles Snowcat’s love songs after dark fill the room.


You look at the golden beverage that awaits you to drink it, can it be whisky or some other kind of spirit.

The night will most likely turn to be in night satin… Life is so short and temptation is so close…

A night like this is, as to quote old clichés, is a night that you wish would never end.
Yet it does. The sun comes back (providing the clouds allow him to), caressing your sleepy eyes, trying to make you forget what happened just a few hours before.


A night to remember

Morning is no more the time for Snowcat’s love songs after dark. You promise yourself you won’t be tempted anymore when evening comes. You fell into temptation, into the overuse of a dirty little guilty pleasure.

However, as the coffee pours its magic drops in your cup, something draws you to commit the sin again. It’s breakfast time, and you already need your dose. Long before dark. You got it. “Continental Breakfast“, a song that already carries its load of nefarious rumours and questions.

Gilles Snowcat's very own idea of a continental breakfast...

Gilles Snowcat’s very own idea of a continental breakfast…

According to who knows best, “Continental Breakfast” is a demo mysteriously leaking from sessions of the long-awaited forthcoming record from Gilles (ooh really? Holy shit, this really going to happen?).

Why is “Continental Breakfast” published almost officially is yet to be explained, though some high-powers may have more pressure than we may think. Perhaps…
Whatever it is said, “Continental Breakfast” is available on a rather unique version, something you should treasure.

And if you wonder why it is sold 2,99 dollars instead of the regular price for other Snowcat songs, the reason is plain simple: one has to feed the musicians playing on the next album. And there’s no mystery here: the better they’re fed / paid, the better they play. Ditch the myth of starving artists who produce their best!

So if you enjoyed “Continental Breakfast“, could we gently but firmly ask you to buy your own copy? (PayPal makes it friendly) You’ll contribute to keep the band satisfied. And… productive. At the end of the day, it’s your own pleasure that will be enhanced. As good as… a breakfast with Gilles Snowcat.

from the Night Cats, 05/05/2015.

ps: On a technical side:

Cinnamon Lilly

Continental Breakfast” is one of the songs coming from the songwriting collaboration between Gilles Snowcat and Cinnamon Lilly‘s Grand Leader Renato Ronchetti.



The Green Fairy mix comes from a series of demo recordings that clearly deserve their Green Fairy title… You’ll figure out why. You know best.


Link to the demo version (and buy your very own copy):


Gilles Snowcat’s main site: http://www.gilles-snowcat.com

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