Lucky 7 turns 25 (before the magnificent 27 ruled the world)

Posted: March 14, 2014 in Collectible, In the studio, Music
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“I especially like the n°7!”
“Will you play number seven on your concert?”
“Your albums sucks but hey the 7 is quite OK”

That lucky 7 was a song on the “Tales Of Acid Ice Cream” album, the seventh track exactly, hence the laziness of then fans who did tend to forget that their beloved song had an actual title: “Memories Of A Teenage Cat”. And this month of March, the Teenage Cat’s turns 25.

Written on the spot on a cold day of January 1989 in some random gloomy parts of the city, “Memories of a Teenage Cat” appeared quickly to be the generator of many misunderstandings. Born a rough no-future urban song, it was often mistaken for a hit-wannabe ballad, to the composer’s mix of despair and amusement.
In March of that strange year 1989, two months after the song had been written, the mood still looked like the after party of the shining “Four Dreams Suite” and its lose-your-mind follow-up “Electric Time”. A dirty room, empty bottles under a however promising spring sun.

Memories of a Teenage Cat

Hiring the invaluable service of keyboardist Vincent Trouble, Snowcat arrogantly refused to play the keyboards, leaving Mr. Trouble with the task of arranging, playing, producing, engineering and making the coffee. Eventually Trouble convinced Snowcat that some parts should be played by the writerhimself, which did cost him more cups of caffeine-infused beverage.

Long before the dominating ‘magnificent 27’ (the 27 songs released from « Cà Phê & Pizza” and “Mokomoko Collection”), Awaken fans used to express some preference for “Memories of a Teenage Cat”.
Along with Awaken’s cover of Al Stewart’s “Last Days of the Century”, “Memories of a Teenage Cat” was the most-wanted tune of the era, overshadowing some equally or more important releases, causing Snowcat to shy away to performing the minor hit.
From 1989 to 2001, none less than 5 studio recordings were available (legally or not), with various singers and other performers. It’s only in the summer of 2013 that “Memories of a Teenage Cat” had been unexpectedly and briefly brought back to life during a jam featuring members of the MokoMoko Orchestra.

Don’t expect to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the teenage cat with a suddenly-coming-from-nowhere from the vaults version nor a collection of pictures of the places that created the spark that made the song nor the list of what Snowcat ate and drank that very day of 1989. Don’t expect the unavoidable special package all-versions-for-only-9,99USD nor any useless remaster with a little bit more of this and a lot less of that.
Only expect the best: the original 1989 version as it was.



In waiting to celebrate 25 more years…

Known recorded versions of “Memories of a Teenage Cat”:

-01/1989: writing session, piano / voice. Unavailable;
-03/1989: original studio recording. Available;
-03/1993: “Numb…” demo tape. Out of print;
-01/1996: “Tales of Acid Ice Cream” cd album. Available on collector item;
-07/1998: rehearsal recording. Unavailable;
-11/2001: B-side version. Available.

There’s also a cover done by Sousbock, around 2002 or so.

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