No, this is not a blog. 餅は餅屋 !

Posted: July 3, 2012 in Thinking (almost deep)
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Bored of the geeks? Yes. Bored.

The Night Cats Lounge used to be a ahem… blog. Well, I must honestly admit that I was as bored to write as you were to read the bullshit I laboriously vomited every now and then.

I felt impellent to write, like when locked in an elevator and you think you’re forced to say anything about the weather to your unfortunate and unexpected audience.

Truth is, I loathe that exercise. I’m not a journalist thus why should I walk on a field already congested by talented lads? The topics I tried to share are already covered by gifted writers, sharp and smart world’s observers. Instead of wasting my time (and yours), I’ll share the good stuff with you. Written by others.

You can say that practice makes better, well yes but I don’t like the blog thing, really. Yes I could write great articles if I wanted to put some effort on it. But… I don’t want. All that geek fashion just bores me to death.

Yes the business people keep on pushing musicians to write blogs as a promotional tool. As a sad result, most of them are just babbling about a dull private life that no one cares about –except their friends.
Is it why the internet has been created? To tell the world “I have a new apartment and dumped my girlfriend”, to show an ugly picture of a family dinner with the sisters, the in-laws and the brand new swimming pool? Wow nice… glad for your apartment, sorry for your girlfriend -you’ll find another one and you’ll post boring pictures of you and her holding hands in the swimming pool, until the day you dump her too, which’ll leave you time for another family gathering and that time you’ll be the one to clean the swimming pool. Pics awaited by your geek friends.

In Japan, there’s a perfect saying to illustrate the situation: 餅は餅屋。(Mochi wa mochi ya) It means: leave it to the specialists. (literally: for rice cakes there’s the rice cake shop)
Leave me with my piano, my microphone and I’ll give you my best. I leave you with the computer and I expect some great thoughts from you. Deal?



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