Antisocial cat goes social?

Posted: March 31, 2012 in Japan, News, 別府
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Dear friends, enemies and passing smiles,

you’ve asked me, I can almost reply: yes there some smell in the air of a Moko-Moko Live. And it smells good. But I still keep cooking, and when I serve the dish I call you. Something else: the “social” media -they call it “social”, gosh……..

Not that I’m really a fan of that social media thing, unless I am working I’m at a tablet factory -which, thanks god, I’m not-, but hey that thing is kinda useful to spread the hots. So, just to let you know, there’s now a Twitter account specially dedicated to the awaken – Snowcat -Nekokawa whatever related news, and it’s simply and arrogantly

Easy, easy. And for that site where people are ahem ‘friends’ and ‘like’ or dislike, that’s here:

Oh by the way, for once I wanna get a little personal.  Just a little. Well it was on March 17th, year 2006, that yours truly the Old Cat stepped out of a train in a then unknow place called Beppu. Wow, if I knew how it would change everything…. It quickly became, and heavily remains, something that turned out to be a sweet obsession, and a delicious booster. A magic source of inspiration. Chances are if you like that Awaken stuff, you are kinda interested in that magic city too. Beppu has now a great fan page, We Love Beppu, ran by the great Yûtarô Murayoshi (村吉優太郎). It started gently and it’s growing and growing, I bet you can have a view and know more about the magic source that inspired some of my ‘umble music:

Visit We Love BEPPU (別府)here. (Ah, the bird account is :

Let’s end with a heart-warming news, your beloved “Moko Moko Collection” is in Le Petits-Pois, the magazine for Japanese friends living in Belgium. It’s here that you will read.

Have a drink on me!



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