An odd request? Belgium’s next keyboard hero on the starting blocks!

Posted: November 20, 2011 in Classified
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Sometimes you get some odds in the Lounge’s mailbox. Requests. “You come and drink a milkshake with me?”. Sorry cutie, I hate milkshakes. Lure me with some カボス酎 next time. And that ring on my finger, you saw? “Please find me a Japanese girlfriend”. Nice try, man, ask DSK –not me. “Give me money for my band”. Ouch, I was just about to ask you the same. “We’re looking for a keyboardist to play in our Muse tribute band. You’re the man, Snowcat”. I’m the man? Thanks, and that’s exactly why I’ll never play in your cover band. Never.

Skip, skip, skip. Except for this time. That band looks for a keyboardist. Again? The difference is, they’re (almost) friends of mine. I know them, I shook their hands, even did a keyboardist interim job for them in a past life. Serious band, good ambitions. Promising network.

Ah, before you read further, you’re in Belgium, or not that far, aren’t you? They’re located somewhere around Jodoigne, Namur, places like that.

Now the requirements. It will make things easier if you are:

♪ a full time pianist / organist (more than just a guitarist who also plays keys –catch the nuance?);
♪ having good pianistic technical abilities –no need for virtuosity though;
♪ connoisseur of big sound and fine arrangements. Rick Wright, Tony Banks, Jon Lord, William Sheller are on the posters above your bed;
♪ having the keyboards + amps and if possible a car to carry the machines;
♪ being able to play basses, pads, fills, arpeggios, rhythmic, riffs, soli, noises, playing with different and colorful sounds;
♪ thinking that tidiness and melodic sense are more important than pure virtuosity. I already said but now you have no excuse not to know;
♪ taking the job seriously and kinda hard-working;

Any age limit? Not really, but in your 30’s – 40’s would sound like the door will open more easily.

I’d advise you to take a look –a listen actually- if you are interested. I bet you are. So you send an email to yours truly, and I pass it to the band leader. My email, you know, it’s gillessnowcat[アット] , and if you didn’t know, well now you do. (replace the [アット] with a good ol’ @)

An audition is the next step. Fame and fortune, it follows as well, I guess.

Now that sleepy cat in the Lounge opens an eye and asks me “Why not you, playing in that band?” Ah, don’t you know that the whole year 2012 will be a モコモコ年? Something to keep the Old Cat k-k-kinda busy.

Hey cutie, hey grumpy man, don’t hate me. I’ll post something we can talk about, well, next week or so.

Time to get back to some decent activity: sleep.



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